Covid-19 Update

Eagle Crusher remains open for business to support all parts and service needs our customers may have.

We are working diligently to keep apprised of the latest news and information regarding the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) as well as by following all guidelines and orders from the government, CDC, and WHO. Our first and primary goal is the safety and health of all of our employees, customers, and suppliers. Maintaining everyone’s health will hopefully allow us and others to maintain continuous, uninterrupted supply and service to our customers.

We have taken the following steps in our attempts to help slow the spread of the virus and are looking into other preventive measures:

  • Non-essential visits from outside contractors, suppliers, visitors, or others are suspended until further notice. We ask you to PLEASE not show up at our facilities unless directed to do so by a member of our executive management team.
  • Employees that can accomplish their work remotely are now working from home.
  • Social distancing is in practice in all of our offices and we have made some temporary office moves to accommodate this.
  • We are reminding all employees to wash their hands frequently and to use hand sanitizer, to avoid close contact by maintaining a minimum 6’ distance.
  • Employees are being directed to stay home if they are sick and experiencing flu-like symptoms.

We, as businesses and as individuals must all be vigilant and do what we can to slow the spread of this virus. Our goal is to get everyone back to a state of normal as quickly as possible so that 2020 can be a great year for all.