How to Mill for Profit

Asphalt Pro

It's not just more tons, it's more efficiency that enhances the project manager's milling operation.

When using one set of trucks to haul millings from the job to the plant and then haul mix from the plant to the paving end of the job, you need proper quality control measures in place to protect yield. You want to use quality control measures to keep stuck millings from melting into your on-spec mix from the plant. And here's one for the vetrans reading today: prevent the paving crew from catching up to the milling crew. I've personally seen the line of haul trucks full of perishable mix sitting at the ready, the drivers racking up billable hours while the milling crew wondered where to put millings. The entire project comes to a standstill if the paver has nowhere to put the mix from the trucks. Let's look at ways to avoid bi milling project mistakes through better project management.