Recycle Proof of Economic Growth

Asphalt Pro

Optimism spreads within a company like Crush-It, Inc. of Osprey, Fla., when the president and other officers view changes in industry as opportunities of growth. In the lifecycle that Crush-It has experienced the past 12 years, Dave Richardson has navigated the ups and downs of the construction marketplace by growing his recycling company and his team. The growth has come with new employees that he hires for the purpose of growing them up through the ranks.

Training is part of the program at Crush-It because the company builds safety into its culture from the moment an employee joins the team. Richardson explained that the simplest part of training is to hire laborers and train them up. "Almost all of our foremen were laborers once," he said. "We go over safety, pinch points, PPE. They work on the ground. Later on, which can be 12 to 15 months, they can get on the crusher. Then they can get on the loader."