Recycling Concrete Deep in the Heart of Buffalo

C&D World

Location is always important for any business, including concrete recyclers. Easy access to a convenient location is a boon that means customers can drop off and pick up material with little hassle. But for a location such as Buffalo Recycled Aggregates LLC's near downtown Buffalo, N.Y., the advantage is also environmental. By being so close in, trucks laden with either broken concrete or end product do not have far to go, reducing emissions and wear and tear on local roads, not to mention economic benefits.

"We are located in the heart of Buffalo," said Peter Battaglia, owner. "Truckers save on average $4 a ton by dumping here."

Despite its name, the Construction & Demolition Recycling Association (CDRA) member does very little demolition any more. Instead, Buffalo Recycled Aggregates LLC runs a 3.5-acre transfer station that handles C&D and solid waste. The company has been crushing on the site since 1998, using a variety of small crushers – jaws and impactors – or outside contractors to process the concrete. But for the past several years, Peter Battaglia had been considering the purchase of the company's own crushing system. After much consideration, an Eagle crusher was settled on. Originally, Buffalo Recycled Aggregates LLC was going to use one of the smaller models, but in the end he went with the largest portable crusher, the 1400.