Regardless of the primary crusher you’re using, Eagle UltraMax® Impactors are so versatile, they’re a perfect fit as a secondary crusher.


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SS refers to a secondary crushing/screening plant.
1200-25-ocss 1200-25-ocss



Includes triple-deck horizontal screen module for screening before crushing.

1200-25-ocss 1200-25-ocss



Screen maintenance platforms are available for both sides of screen.



Side-discharge conveyor transports the crushed material to other equipment for further processing, stockpiling or to another conveyor for re-circulating back to the plant screen for sizing.



Hydraulic lift and leveling system enables quick set up and tear down by using the hydraulic run-on legs.

1200-25-ocss 1200-25-ocss



Totally self-contained, reliable diesel/electric or all-electric power. You won’t have to worry about hydraulic leaks and failures shutting you down.

features the Lifetime Warrantied 3-bar Rotor features the Lifetime Warrantied 3-bar Rotor



Features the industry’s only LIFETIME ROTOR WARRANTY on its solid-steel, three-bar rotor—the industry’s heaviest—to keep you up and crushing.*

* North America only.

This is the video panel.

1200-25-ocss Schematic 1200-25-ocss Schematic

This is the plant layout panel.

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  • Features screening options for multiple spec products.
  • Top deck retained material feeds into the impactor for size reduction.
  • Middle deck retained material feeds onto a chute into the impactor for size reduction.
  • Bottom deck retained material feeds onto a cross conveyor for stockpiling.
  • Material passing through the bottom deck feeds onto the fines conveyor and discharges to the back of the plant.
  • Includes plant-mounted electrical control panel featuring pre-wired receptacles for radial stackers.
1200-25 OCSS: Technical Specifications*
Impactor UM-25
Screen 6’ x 20’ / 1.8M x 6.0M 3 deck
Overall Length 51’ 8” / 15.7M
Overall Weight 100000lbs / 45400kg
Travel Length 47’ 0” / 14.3M
Travel Width 11’ 11.5” / 3.6M
Travel Height 13’ 6” / 4.1M
On-Plant Power Supply Diesel

On-Plant Power Supply Electric
475HP / 354kW diesel engine and 200kW generator

250HP / 186kW all-electric power
Discharge Conveyor Width 42” / 1067mm
Top Screen Deck Discharge INTO CRUSHER
Middle Screen Deck Discharge ONTO CHUTE INTO CRUSHER
Bottom Screen Deck Cross Conveyor Width 24” / 610mm
Fines Screen Conveyor Width 60” / 1524mm
UltraMax® Impactor Model and Specifications*
Model UM-25
Rotor Diameter x Width 47" x 47" / 1194mm x 1194mm
Feed Opening Width x Height 48" x 34" / 1219mm x 864mm
Power Required 150HP - 300HP / 112kW - 224kW
Approx. Weight 34000lbs / 15400kg
Rotor Weight 13000lbs / 5900kg
Production Capacity** Varies by application.

*Design specifications subject to change without notice.
**Contact your Eagle Sales Representative with your specific application for anticipated production capacity.

Download the PDF Spec Sheet Download spec sheet.