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Mobile or Portable Crushers: Buying the Right Plant for the Job


From construction and demolition recycling to quarrying and mining, every material processing job presents a unique challenge, and buying the right crushing equipment can often seem complex, especially when your company’s bottom line is—well, on the line.

When it comes time to browse crushing equipment, you may find yourself asking the question: mobile or portable? Although these styles of crusher plants may appear similar, their distinctions could impact the profitability of your business and consequently deserve a closer look.

As a matter of definition, portable crushers are plants that have been mounted on wheels and must be moved by another vehicle. Mobile crushers are automotive plants that generally have been mounted on continuous track or tread and are usually self-propelled.

Eagle Crusher RapiDeploy® Portable Impactor Plant
An example of a portable crusher plant: the Eagle Crusher RapiDeploy®. To learn more about this specific plant, click here.

The key advantage of mobile rock crushers is clear: because they are self-propelled, the time and labor it requires to move the machines from job to job is comparatively lower than their portable counterparts. In a world where time is money, this characteristic could be critical if the nature of your business demands the regular relocation of your crushers.

On the other hand, it is important to note that mobile crushers are generally much more expensive than portable crushers due in part to their continuous track mount. If your business operates without needing to move plants very often, purchasing a portable crusher machine is likely the better investment; after all, mobile crushers are made to move, and if they aren’t moving, then you could be wasting money.

Another advantage of mobile crushers is their compact silhouette that allows them access to tight spaces. This trait could prove useful if you find your business frequently working on job sites where leveraging even the smallest measure of land is essential for success. Their continuous track mount also enables the plants to navigate certain terrain that wheeled vehicles may find more difficult, which could provide for even more space on the job site.

Eagle Crusher UltraTraxx® Mobile Impactor Plant
An example of a mobile crusher plant: the Eagle Crusher UltraTraxx®. To learn more about this specific plant, click here.

However, while mobile crushers are nimble, their condensed physique could result in hidden costs as their parts and pieces are intricate and can be more difficult to service than portable crushers. For small- to medium-sized businesses, the costs of servicing a sophisticated mobile crusher machine may not be worth the extra investment.

In addition, mobile crushers typically produce processed material at a lower rate than portable crushers due to the reduced size of their feed openings, among other elements. While mobile crushers can be helpful for smaller projects, portable stone crushers are manufactured to handle larger amounts of material to generate a larger output on small and big jobs alike.

Bearing each of these comparisons in mind, the value of a crusher makes itself known, not only through its intended application, but through the broader context of your business itself. It is imperative to consider all of the variables that crushing presents so at the end of the day you can make a confident purchasing decision to preserve your bottom line.

    Mobile Crushers

  • Larger Investment
  • Smaller Output
  • Moves Quickly
  • Compact
  • More Difficult to Service

    Portable Crushers

  • Smaller Investment
  • Larger Output
  • Moves Less Quickly
  • Spacious
  • Less Difficult to Service

From the all-electric Stealth® 500 to the all-inclusive RapiDeploy®, Eagle Crusher is proud to offer the most comprehensive line of portable crushing plants in the industry. Eagle Crusher also offers the UltraTraxx®, a track-mounted plant designed for ultra-mobile crushing without sacrificing power or production on the job site.

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