Eagle Crusher is at the forefront of engineering advanced, robust, and efficient rock crushing and screening equipment.

Our legacy spans over a century of designing machinery that stands up to the toughest tasks in aggregate production, recycling, and mining operations worldwide. With a focus on innovative technology and sustainable practices, Eagle Crusher is dedicated to helping your business thrive through improved productivity and lower operational costs.

6x20 Screen Plants

6x20 Screen Plant
with Integrated Feed Conveyor

This versatile screen plant is designed for high-volume production and accommodates various material sizes with ease. The integrated feed conveyor streamlines the workflow, enhancing efficiency and precision in sorting materials.


  • Integrated feed conveyor for seamless operation
  • High-production screening capabilities
  • Accommodates a variety of material sizes
  • Durable construction for long-term use

6x20 Screen Plant
with Blending Gates

Tailored for operations that require precise material blending, this screen plant features innovative blending gates, allowing for custom material mixes and improved product quality.


  • Advanced blending gates for custom mixes
  • Produces multiple products simultaneously
  • Easy-to-use control system
  • Robust design for demanding environments

8x20 Screen Plants

8x20 Screen Plant
with Integrated Feed Conveyor

Expanding on the 6×20’s capabilities, the 8×20 screen plant allows for larger scale operations, providing the same precise screening and efficiency with additional capacity.


  • Larger screening area for increased capacity
  • Integrated conveyor system for optimized workflow
  • Triple-sha screen for enhanced performance
  • User-friendly operation and maintenance

8x20 Screen Plant
with Blending Gates

The ultimate solution for large-scale production needs, this screen plant not only offers sizable screening areas but also features blending gates for a highly customizable output.


  • Spacious screening decks for high volume
  • Customizable blending options for diverse product lines
  • Streamlined operation with all-electric motors
  • Easy screen cloth change for maintenance efficiency

Screening & Scalping Plant

The RipRap® is Eagle Crusher’s heavy-duty solution for the industry’s broadest feeder specifications. It sets the standard in the market for high production scalping and screening, ideal for a variety of demanding applications.


  • Widest feeder in the industry for superior throughput
  • Optimized for portable high production screening
  • Versatile for both screening and scalping
  • User-friendly controls for operational efficiency