What Is a Jaw Crusher and What Can It Do for You?

A jaw crusher is one of several types of crushers, including impactors, hammermills, and cone crushers, that are manufactured for the purpose of processing aggregate minerals, RAP, and recycled concrete with rebar, to name a few applications. There are two types of crushing, compression or impact. Jaw crushers and cone crushers use a compression force while impactors and hammermills use an impact force.

A jaw crusher is used in a wide variety of applications, including construction and recycling demolition, quarrying and mining, asphalt production, etc. It is designed to process large feed size and to endure less wear from abrasive material.

The composition of a jaw crusher is characterized by its two jaw plates, one fixed and the other moving, both oriented to create a V-shaped chamber through which materials fall and become repeatedly crushed. These crusher jaw plates are most often corrugated in appearance but can also be smooth.

What Is a Jaw Crusher and What Can It Do for You?

As material falls into the chamber, the moving jaw compresses toward the fixed jaw to crush the rock between its heavy plates. As the stone is repeatedly compressed, its composition fractures and falls apart, falling through the chamber as it becomes smaller and smaller. The final output size is determined by a preset crushing size in the chamber’s bottom.

In a portable crusher, wear from abrasive material can be reduced by pairing the jaw crusher with a vibrating feeder or set of grizzly bars for prescreening material. By filtering out smaller material before it enters the jaw crusher, not only does it reduce wear in the system, but it improves the quality of the final product.

Our American-made Eagle jaw crushers are designed to process abrasive hard rock, using the time-tested overhead eccentric design. We can provide increased component life, reduced down time, improved production, and unsurpassed reliability by eliminating premature failures caused by fatigue from uncontrolled stress.

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