Always Crushing, Rain or Shine: United Brothers Development

Crushing in Rain or Shine

United Brothers Development, an Eagle Crusher customer, is one of the largest concrete recyclers in northern Florida. Headquartered in Jacksonville, its demolition and concrete crushing division services the northeast region of the state with several sites from Lake City to Palm Coast.

The company currently operates with around 75 employees and 40 to 50 pieces of industrial equipment, including a fleet of dump trucks, roll-off trucks, excavators, and their very own UltraMax® 1200-25 CC portable impactor plant.

According to Lance Dostie, manager of the concrete recycling division at United Brothers Development, one of the company’s top priorities is to prevent as much demolition waste from entering landfills as possible and to reinvest it back into the area’s communities.

Any demolition waste that enters the company’s yard is processed and leaves as salable product. United Brothers Development collects and recycles, among other materials, concrete, porcelain, tile, granite, lime rock, aggregate, and even the dirt typically found in such waste.

One of the main products that United Brothers Development provides is 1 ½-inch minus road base, known in the area as “crushcrete.” This product is popular in northeast Florida as it is more affordable to acquire than trucking in lime rock from the nearest mines that are many miles away.

The company also produces a 3/8-inch minus paver base, a popular material for driveway applications. Dostie says, “You may have homes where concrete from the football stadium or even one of the bridges from downtown Jacksonville are in their driveway!”

In addition to accommodating homeowners, United Brothers Development is able to serve a wide range of clients, including large corporations. “We’ll go out with roll-off containers and drop them off in homeowners’ driveways, and then we’ll turn around to do giant 100,000-ton jobs downtown with water cannons and the whole nine yards,” says Dostie.

Some notable projects that United Brothers Development has worked include a demolition project at TIAA Bank Field, formerly EverBank Field, home of the Jacksonville Jaguars. In addition, the company has performed demolition work on two area power plants, one resulting in upward of 20,000 tons being crushed by the Eagle Crusher plant.

“We did one this last year which was on the news,” Dostie describes, “They imploded the old city annex and the old city courthouse; it was all over the media—a large implosion job in downtown Jacksonville. That one was about 80,000 tons, and we probably got 50,000 of it—they used a lot of it back on-site.”

Dostie shares that much of the company’s success can be attributed to the large number of equipment and machinery at their disposal, a fleet they have been growing from the very beginning when they had been using bucket crusher on the ends of excavators. “They were small jaw crushers that didn’t produce a lot; we had a bunch of them running 24/7.”

Outgrowing the bucket crushers, United Brothers Development sought out crushing services from a separate company that utilized Eagle Crusher portable plants. Dostie says, “We pretty much had one of their crushers busy for half the year, and then it slowly increased to being busy year-round—it was getting to the point where we had 2 or 3 crushers running at a single time.”

He continues, “We said, let’s just buy our own crusher—we’ll do it ourselves. Since we bought our Eagle crusher over 2 or 3 years ago, it has not stopped, apart from maintenance. It’s just constantly going with no issues—it’s been performing exactly how we wanted.”

“Purchasing the Eagle crusher has helped us grow,”” Dostie says, “”Overall, we’ve been able to take in more concrete and keep a steadier supply of material to sell. When we had someone else come in, I was having to wait on them and their schedule. They’d crush a big pile, yeah, but when it sold out, I’d be waiting for them to return.”

He shares, “Now my crusher is producing a steady supply, so we’re getting more clients because we’re never running out of material. It’s more profitable for me—instead of paying someone else, I’m paying for our own plant, and it’s definitely helping our business.”

In fact, their Eagle Crusher portable crusher plant has become such an asset to their team, the company has installed special amenities around the crushing site so that the machine and its operators can work as efficiently as possible. Modifications to the site, among others, include a 20′ x 20′ roof set up over the operator’s platform for all-weather purposes.

Always Crushing, Rain or Shine: United Brothers Development

Dostie describes, “We have lights beaming down on the crusher for when we’re working early in the morning or late at night. We’re actually trying to figure out how we can install a misting system so the guys can get a cool mist on them, and we want to put one of those big fans up under the roof, so they have a fan blowing—we’re trying to make it as comfortable for them as possible.”

In addition to modifying their site, United Brothers Development dispatched their crushing team to Eagle Crusher headquarters in Ohio for a multi-day service training seminar. “We pretty much know the machine, but you can never know too much. This is our second time participating in the service training, and having this option is very beneficial for us,” says Dostie.

He continues, “Working with Eagle Crusher has been one of the biggest selling points for the machine. Your parts department, you service department—we can call, and your service department knows everything. Your team alone is one of the main reasons we went with Team Eagle.”

Eagle Crusher is proud to work alongside a customer like United Brothers Development that invests in their team members and enriches their communities by utilizing the UltraMax® 1200-25 CC portable impactor plant to recycle concrete and other demolition materials.

For complete UltraMax® 1200-25 CC portable plant product specifications, please visit its product page.

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