Buying vs. Renting Crusher Equipment: How to Get the Most Value from Your Investment

Buying vs. Renting Crusher Equipment

Weighing the decision between buying or renting crusher equipment should require careful consideration; after all, it could mean the difference between straining your company cash flow and turning a meaningful profit.

Before the time comes to choose between buying or renting equipment like a portable impactor plant, several variables should be taken into account, including your company’s existing finances, the length and frequency of use, short-term and long-term costs, and more.

Buying vs. Renting Crusher Equipment: How to Get the Most Value from Your Investment

Foremost, review your company’s current financial standing. When it comes to investing in crusher equipment, buying versus renting can offer distinct trade-offs. Buying crusher equipment usually requires a larger investment than renting; however, financing options are able to ease the acquisition. Renting can allow for a smaller initial investment; but depending on the job length and frequency of use, rental costs could add up over time.

Depending on the nature of your crushing operations, it is likely in your best interest to buy crusher equipment for long-term jobs or if you see your company needing regular, repeated use of a certain machine. Renting is likely more appropriate for short-term jobs; although, the costs of renting could eventually eclipse the outright purchase of the same crusher equipment.

While buying crusher equipment may require a larger investment, there are some recouped costs that renting may not provide. The portable plant that you purchase is available whenever it is needed to be used, while relying on renting may present unexpected downtime when the demands of other companies render your desired equipment unavailable.

Additional variables to consider are operating and maintenance costs over time. If you employ well-trained team members, buying and maintaining crusher equipment may be no more costly than renting regularly serviced equipment. However, the unexpected happens, employing team members on site could resolve unexpected more quickly than waiting on service from your rental partner.

Finally, much like owning equity in a home, buying your own crusher equipment could see dividends down the road. You could decide to resell your portable impactor plant or even rent it out yourself to maximize the value of the equipment over the course of its lifetime.

Ultimately, all of these variables and more should be explored when it comes time to invest in crusher equipment. If you are interested in buying or renting from Eagle Crusher’s comprehensive line of crusher products, we encourage you to contact our sales team for more information.

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