Caring for Your Conveyors

Caring for your Conveyors

Conveyors are valuable components of equipment like portable crushing plants as they are responsible for transporting material processed through the equipment for either further processing or to stockpiles.

Because conveyors are so vital to the crushing process, it is important to regularly care for and maintain these systems to ensure they remain properly configured and operational; this will help to optimize production and minimize wear and tear over time.

Caring for Your Conveyors

Perhaps the most effective way to care for conveyors is through proper and even belt tracking. Ensuring the belt is tracked in the center of the conveyor will prevent damage to the edges of the belt as well as unnecessary wear on other conveyor structures and components, like rollers.

To help keep the conveyor belt centered, it is essential to load material onto the center of the belt. If material is loaded off-center and favoring one side, the weight of the material could shift the conveyor belt, interrupting production and causing unnecessary damage to the equipment.

The other way to maintain a centered belt is by minimizing material from building up on the conveyor belt carrying rollers. Keeping these rollers clear is important as they are vital to the conveyor running smoothly and remaining properly supported.

Just as well, it is beneficial to assess areas like the tail pulleys, skirting, belt cleaners, etc. and ensure these components stay clean from buildup and free from damage. If something like the skirting rubber is beginning to wear too much, replacing the rubber will aid the conveyor and keep it on track.

Another factor to consider is the belt tension of the conveyor. If the belt is loose and drooping under heavy loads, it can stall and interrupt production. If the belt is too tight, it can introduce undue wear and tear to the head and tail pulleys among other components.

Finally, it is necessary to regularly lubricate conveyor components like bearings (about every 40 hours) and gear boxes (at a minimum biannually). By lubricating and monitoring the oil levels of conveyors, it will ensure they continue to run at their full potential.

Of course, after any maintenance on conveyors, it is critical to ensure any guards removed during the work are replaced and secured to ensure that personnel are kept safe and protected from the moving parts.

For a more comprehensive checklist of tasks that will care for your conveyors, we invite you to contact our Eagle Crusher service department and speak with a qualified Team Eagle representative who will be happy to answer your questions.

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