Service Questions: Preventative Maintenance for Diesel and Electric Drives

Service Questions with Louis: Preventative Maintenance for Diesel and Electric Drives 

Ensuring the longevity and efficiency of any engine, be it powering your vehicle, your rock crushing machinery, or even a spacecraft, hinges on a fundamental principle: preventative maintenance. Neglecting routine maintenance not only jeopardizes performance but also invites costly repairs and potential breakdowns. From lubrication to fluid changes, each proactive measure serves as a vital investment in your engine’s reliability, safety, and overall operational effectiveness. Eagle Crusher’s Service Technician, Louis, will help guide you through some of the important preventative maintenance measures for your diesel engine or electric motors. Remember that these Service Questions serve as a starting point in your journey to preventative maintenance and that you should always refer to your owner’s manual, an Eagle Crusher authorized dealer, or Eagle Crusher’s parts and service team for more information. 

Diesel Drive Preventative Maintenance 

Check Oil  

It is recommended that oil changes be performed at 250 hours when using conventional oil or 500 hours when using manufacturer’s recommended oil. 


Air Filter Element  

Inspecting and cleaning daily is the recommended preventative maintenance measure. However, extreme environments may require more frequent inspections and cleaning. 

Check Coolant Level 

Just like with the previous two, it’s recommended to check your coolant level on your diesel engine daily. Add coolant if necessary. Additionally, coolant additive levels are recommended to be checked every 6 weeks and replaced every 2 years. Check with your owner’s manual, your authorized dealer, or the service team for your specific machine’s requirements. 

Fuel Tanks 

The recommended preventative maintenance for fuel tanks is to drain the condensation in your fuel tank monthly. 

Fuel Filter 

Fuel filters are recommended to be changed every 250 hours or 6 months. 

Additional Measures 

These measures are a great way to start, however it’s important to refer to your owner’s manual, local authorized Eagle Crusher dealer, or Eagle Crusher’s parts and service team for more information and specific preventative measures for your machine’s diesel engine. 


Electric Drive Preventative Maintenance

Drive Motor 

It is recommended to visually inspect your motor for excessive heating daily. Additionally, check for any abnormal noises and vibrations. 

Daily, it is recommended to clean the motor enclosure and any dust accumulation from the motor frame surface to ensure better heat transfer. 

While there, check the cooling fan condition and clean the air inlet and outlet openings to ensure air flow over the motor. 


Check the Electrical Connections 

Another recommendation is to check the electrical connections of the power supply cables, ensuring that there is a clearance between live and grounded parts. 

Proper Lubrication  

Proper lubrication plays a vital role in any motor’s performance. It’s highly recommended to only use grease types, amounts, and the specific lubrication intervals available on the motor nameplate. 


Knowing the resources available to you 

The significance of preventative maintenance for engines cannot be overstated. By committing to regular inspections, lubrication, and upkeep, you can safeguard your investments and ensure uninterrupted functionality. Knowing who to reach out to for more information, and specific information regarding your specific machines, is another important step in your preventative maintenance routine. Eagle Crusher’s parts and service team is always available to help you through phone or email. If you require in person help and guidance, check our authorized dealer map to find the closest dealer to you. Additionally, join us in our journey by checking out our previous service questions and following us to see Service Technician Mark go over the importance of checking your machine’s belt alignment next month.