Crushing Safely in the Summer Season

As the summer months arrive in North America, operating portable crushing and screening plants on a job site outdoors can become more demanding as exposure to high temperatures introduce new safety hazards to team members.

Dangers that are inherent to hot weather like heat exhaustion or even heat stroke are preventable given the right training and planning. It is important to treat these hazards seriously as they can cause physical harm if ignored.

Crushing Safely in the Summer Season

Foremost, it is necessary to hydrate regularly throughout the day. It is recommended that team members drink water at least every 15 minutes to avoid dehydration, even if they are not thirsty, as heat illness may not be immediately apparent.

Furthermore, in addition to proper personal protective equipment, it is recommended that team members wear a hat to protect the head from heat and light-colored clothing to reflect the sun more easily.

Likewise, wearing long-sleeved, lightweight clothing that covers as much skin from the sun can go a long way in protecting team members from heat illness. Just as well, it can be helpful to apply sunscreen or sunblock on areas of the body that remain unprotected.

Finally, it is recommended to take regular breaks, when possible, to avoid overexertion. Additionally, team members should seek out shade to escape from the heat and to cool the body down.

Working together and being mindful of each other’s health on the job site can also help in identifying and resolving any heat-related issues that team members might experience, like headaches, dizziness, thirst, etc.

For more information about crushing safely in the summer season, we encourage you to review recommendations from agencies like OSHA, MSHA, or relevant state or local health and safety administrations, or contact Eagle Crusher to speak with a Team Eagle representative.

This article does not serve as an official safety recommendation by Eagle Crusher and should not be viewed as such. All relevant staff should consult their owner’s manual before operating Eagle Crusher equipment, or any other manufacturer’s equipment, and comply with the safety guidelines therein.

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