Everything You Need to Know About Eagle Crusher’s MaxRAP System

MaxRap System

For many asphalt plants, it may be valuable to consider crushing and screening your own RAP onsite, eliminating excess handling of the material, relying on others to crush, and inconsistent production—all in all, ensuring the optimal efficiency and quality control that you desire.

Eagle Crusher’s extensive experience in the reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) industry has led to the development of an onsite RAP system, the MaxRAP System, for crushing and precise screening for product consistency, productivity, and profitability.

Everything You Need to Know About Eagle Crusher's MaxRAP System

The Eagle Crusher MaxRAP System is able to integrate seamlessly with any asphalt plant automation as our team of engineers are able to design an onsite RAP system that meets the needs of your company’s unique specifications.

Team Eagle offers standard MaxRAP System models for common asphalt plant configurations. The UM-05 with 5×16 screen MaxRAP System is designed for a 400TPH drum mix plant, and the UM-25 with 6×20 screen MaxRAP System is designed for a 600TPH drum mix plant.

Our powerful onsite RAP system is engineered and manufactured to produce highly uniform cubicle spec product with a minimum of white rock and a minimum of fines, providing you with the consistent and high-quality product that you expect.

The MaxRAP System easily allows you to switch from top to base material production from its control house, and its actuated diverter chutework allows multi-feature deck selection, blending and bypass—giving you complete control over your production.

Furthermore, the onsite RAP system features a calibration chute for sampling that verifies the mix-design spec requirements are correct. An under-screen product conveyor to cross conveyor feeds to the drum mix feed conveyor for final processing and mixing.

Customizable and versatile, the Eagle Crusher MaxRAP System is also able to be utilized for screening purposes only with all materials being conveyed to stockpile—meeting whatever needs you may have.

Additional features of the MaxRAP System include:

• Actuated chutework that allows options for the raw feed material to be: retained on the top screen deck to be crushed; retained on the top and middle screen deck to be crushed; diverted to either the top or middle screen deck; or, all the screen decks may be diverted from the crusher to stockpile

• A side-discharge conveyor from the crusher that may be used for stockpiling or returned to another conveyor for re-circulating back to the plant screen for resizing

• Service friendly design: the screening process can continue while the crusher is removed from circuit; the screen chute system folds out of the way for ease of changing the screen cloth; the screen service platforms are positioned on both sides of the screen for ease of maintenance

• The industry’s only LIFETIME ROTOR WARRANTY on its solid-steel, three-bar, sculptured rotor—the industry’s heaviest—to keep you up and crushing (North America only)

For complete product specifications of the MaxRAP System, please contact a Team Eagle sales representative.

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