Everything You Need to Know About Eagle Crusher’s New Raptor Cone Crushers

Eagle Raptor Cone Crusher

In March, Eagle Crusher unveiled our latest portable plant and crushing equipment at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020, North America’s largest construction trade show. Among these exciting innovations, Team Eagle showcased our newest offering of Raptor® Cone Crushers, expanding our comprehensive line of bare crushing equipment.

Currently offering the 250, 350, and 450 models of the Raptor Cone Crushers, Eagle Crusher is proud to provide this new line of crushing equipment that has been improved over generations with several upgrades that allow for increased throughput and more convenient operation, all in the name of maximizing profitability.

Everything You Need to Know About Eagle Crusher's New Raptor Cone Crushers

Designed to withstand abrasive material for longer periods with less wear on parts when compared to other cone crushers, Raptor Cone Crushers are built with reliability in mind. For example, Raptor Cone Crushers feature a counter-clockwise thread, which means if tramp pressure is lost, the head will be prevented from screwing down and destroying the crusher.

Additionally, Raptor Cone Crushers are manufactured to be conveniently maintained and serviced, offering accessibility features where other high-performance cone crushers fall short. Raptor Cone Crushers are designed with an integrated inspection port, enabling crusher operators and team members to more easily access the interior of the cone crusher.

Raptor Cone Crushers are engineered to allow for increased throughput with the 350 model featuring a 30% greater discharge opening due to its integrated counterbox. Other cone crushers include a leg specifically for the counterbox, ultimately reducing the amount of throughput possible.

Finally, all Raptor Cone Crushers are operated through an automation system that allows for management of all features and capabilities of the cone crusher. This automation system offers overload sensing technology, feed control, lubrication and hydraulic adjustments and monitoring, among many other powerful tools.

In the future, Eagle Crusher has plans to showcase open circuit and closed circuit portable cone crusher plants engineered for the aggregate and recycling markets.

Select features of the new Raptor Cone Crushers include:

• Advanced overload sensing technology to detect overload

• Increased speed ratio options to offer more flexibility in production

• Integrated user-friendly control system

• Dual-acting tramp release cylinders provide protection as they provide both clamping pressure and clearing action in a tramp event

For complete product specifications of the new Raptor Cone Crushers, please contact a Team Eagle sales representative.

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