Everything You Need to Know About Eagle Crusher’s UltraMax® 69X Horizontal Shaft Impactor

From horizontal shaft impactors to jaw crushers, Eagle Crusher manufactures some of the toughest and most powerful crushing equipment on the market, empowering producers to conquer any size crushing project.

Not only that, but Eagle Crusher’s team of engineers continue to innovate our comprehensive line of crushing and screening products, working alongside customers, to design crushing equipment that solves pertinent challenges in today’s crushing industry.

The Eagle Crusher UM-69X horizontal shaft impactor is Team Eagle’s largest HSI developed for the recycling industry yet, featuring an expanded feed opening to process even larger amounts of material like concrete and steel rebar.

Whereas Eagle Crusher’s standard UM-69 horizontal shaft impactor is comprised of a 69″ x 36″ feed opening, the UltraMax 69X HSI boasts a feed opening of 69″ x 51″, increasing the max feed size up to 36″.

Similarly, while the UM-69 HSI can be expected to peak at a production capacity of 800 tph, Eagle Crusher’s new UM-69X HSI is expected to process 600-800 tph easily, peaking at up to 1,000 tph, depending on the feed size and rate, the type of material, and other conditions.

Furthermore, the UltraMax 69X impactor is available to accommodate one-piece blowbars in addition to the standard two-piece blowbar option, allowing for easier installation. Just as well, the impactor’s curtain settings offer a comparatively wider size range, 0″-12″ for the primary and 0″-14″ for the secondary.

Finally, a portable plant featuring the UM-69X HSI can be designed for numerous configurations to support the unique needs of any customer, making it some of the most versatile and powerful crushing equipment in the industry.

For more information about the Eagle Crusher UM-69X horizontal shaft impactor, we encourage you to contact Eagle Crusher to speak with a Team Eagle representative who will be happy to share further details.

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