Everything You Need to Know About the MaxRAP® 25 Portable 

Everything You Need to Know About the MaxRAP® 25 Portable 

From horizontal shaft impactors to jaw crushers, Eagle Crusher manufactures some of the toughest and most powerful crushing equipment on the market, empowering producers to conquer any size crushing project. 

Not only that, but Eagle Crusher’s team of engineers continue to innovate our comprehensive line of crushing and screening products, working alongside customers, to design crushing equipment that solves pertinent challenges in today’s crushing industry. 

Introducing the MaxRAP® 25 Portable, portable plant that provides the same precision crushing as the stationary MaxRAP®, allowing operators to crush RAP at multiple locations with ease. 

Primary features of the MaxRAP® 25 Portable 

The MaxRAP® 25 Portable features a hydraulically actuated diverter chutework that allows multi-feature deck selection, blending, and bypassing. The calibration chute for sampling verifies that the mix-design spec requirement is correct. The actuated chutework allows options for the raw feed material to be; retained on the top screen deck to be crushed; retained on the top and middle screen deck to be crushed; diverted to either the top of middle screen deck; or all the screen decks may be diverted from the crusher to stockpile. 

The plant is manufactured with service friendly designs. Screen service platforms are positioned on both sides of the screens for ease of maintenance. The screen chute systems folds out of the way for ease of changing screen cloth. 

Additionally, the MaxRAP® 25 Portable features the industry’s first lifetime rotor warranty on its solid-steel, three-bar, sculpted rotor – the industry’s heaviest – to keep you up to crushing (North America only). 


Additional Features 

Under screen product conveyor to cross conveyor feeds to the drum mix feed conveyor for final processing and mixing. 

Includes removable electrical control panel featuring pre-wired receptacles for radical stackers. 

The hydraulic lift and leveling system enables quick set up and tear own by using the hydraulic run-on legs. 

Available with either diesel or electric motor driver packages. 


Want More Information? 

For more information about the Eagle Crusher MaxRAP® 25 Portable, we encourage you to contact Eagle Crusher to speak with a Team Eagle representative, or an authorized dealer, who will be happy to share further details. Additionally, you can see the MaxRAP® 25 Portable at World of Asphalt March 25-27, 2024 in Nashville, TN. Eagle Crusher is still offering a discount code for World of Asphalt badges until March 25, 2024.