Everything You Need to Know About the RipRap Portable Scalping Plant

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In an industry like aggregate production, it is critical that rocks and other material are screened and conveyed as efficiently as possible in order to maximize profits. After all, any additional time spent processing aggregate more than what is needed can lead to consequences like a decrease in tonnage per hour or even an increase in preventable costs like equipment wear.

Enter the RipRap®, a portable scalping plant particularly designed to combat inefficiency for aggregate producers by providing a machine that generates higher production results through its optimal scalping system. The RipRap® plant enables aggregate producers to save time and money all the while generating high quality product.

Everything You Need to Know About the RipRap Portable Scalping Plant

As aggregate is loaded into the RipRap® scalper, it is processed by the plant’s two-step, heavy-duty grizzly decks. The scalping power provided by this double set of adjustable 5-foot grizzlies reduces the amount of time spent sorting and conveying by screening out fines and smaller aggregate to separate conveyors before releasing larger material from its front chute.

Not only does the RipRap® allow for maximized screening capabilities, but it provides aggregate producers with the widest heavy-duty feeder in the industry. Measuring in at 67 inches by 24 feet, the RipRap®’s feeder accepts maximum loads of aggregate thereby reducing the overall amount of time spent collecting material and feeding it into the plant.

Beyond loading and screening, the RipRap® portable scalping plant also shows its flexibility in a 42-inch cross conveyor with a 5-foot impact bed and reversible functionality, allowing stacking conveyors to be arranged on either side of the plant and enabling aggregate producers to configure their crushing site exactly as needed to ensure efficiency.

Additionally, the RipRap® can be manufactured to accommodate multiple power options, including a Tier 4 diesel genset, or direct connection to line power. The portable scalping plant is fully equipped with a main control panel to distribute power to its motors as well as controls and plugs for two stacking conveyors.

Equipped with its two-step, adjustable grizzly decks, the widest, heavy-duty feeder in the industry, and a reversible cross conveyor, the RipRap® portable scalping plant makes a massive impact on the job site and on your business, making this machine a valuable addition to any aggregate production operation.

Important features of the RipRap® include:

• Easy transportation in one pull (check with your DOT)

• The widest heavy-duty feeder in the industry, measuring 67″ x 24′ to meet the highest volume production needs

• A versatile 42″ reversible cross conveyor, allowing feeding into the stacking from either side of the plant and featuring a 5′ impact bed and idlers

• Tier 4 diesel and electric-power options

• A hydraulic lift and leveling system, enabling quick set up and tear down through use of the hydraulic run-on legs

• Two-step, five-foot adjustable grizzly decks

For complete RipRap® portable plant product specifications, please visit its product page.

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