Introducing the RapiDeploy® 1000

At Eagle Crusher, we pride ourselves in developing products that meet our customers needs. That’s why we’ve taken our popular RapiDeploy® 500 plant and enlarged it: Introducing the RapiDeploy® 1000

The RapiDeploy® 1000 features our powerful Ultramax® UM-15 impactor with a 42” x 32” feed opening. The larger impactor with expanded feed opening means you will be able to crush larger feed material, reducing prep work and increasing overall tonnage.

The plant also features a larger 5×16 two-product screen with third reliever deck that allows increased productivity while producing two cubical spec products.

Like it’s smaller predecessor, the RapiDeploy® 1000 can effectively remove steel with either an optional, cross belt permanent magnet that stays on for transport or optional higher efficiency, in line electro-magnet that removes for transport.

It also features standard grizzly bypass chute and available cross-belt conveyor with flop gate to allow for either removal of the material that passes through the grizzly deck for stockpiling or blending back with the crushed material.

You can see the RapiDeploy® 1000 yourself at the World of Asphalt/Agg1 show in Nashville, TN from March 29th-31st. Want more information right away? Contact us today.