Managing Horizontal Shaft Impactor (HSI) Curtain Wear

On a crushing job, every machine and piece of crushing equipment works together to contribute to the success of production. However, it is necessary to recognize that certain components of equipment like portable plants should require extra care to achieve that success.

You could say that the actual crusher on a portable plant, like a horizontal shaft impactor (HSI), is where the magic happens. As such, it is important to maintain and service an HSI regularly to optimize production, especially with regards to its primary and secondary curtains.

Managing Horizontal Shaft Impactor (HSI) Curtain Wear

HSI curtain wear unavoidably occurs over time as abrasive material like aggregate, concrete, and asphalt is struck by the impactor and repeatedly ricochets into the curtains, ultimately reducing the material into a finished product.

As material strikes the horizontal shaft impactor’s curtains, it physically affects the shape of the curtains, creating natural divots and recesses in the parts that will noticeably impact the overall quality of the final product in a negative way.

The most important actions a portable plant operator can take is properly managing the flow of material through the HSI. Feeding the right amount of material at the appropriate speed relative to the job is crucial.

Likewise, adjusting the horizontal shaft impactor curtain settings to efficiently reduce material without being too aggressive or costly is also important. It is recommended that the primary curtain and secondary curtain are set to reduce material in a 3:1 manner respectively.

Producers can refer to their HSI or portable plant owner’s manuals to verify when curtain parts are ready to be replaced. It is recommended that curtain parts are only ever ordered from the original manufacturer and never through third-party sources to ensure the integrity of the equipment.

Finally, it is especially important that producers and operators develop a reliable inspection, maintenance, and service schedule for their horizontal shaft impactor curtains and other parts in order to preserve an optimally efficient flow of material that results in a high-quality product.

For more information about managing HSI curtain wear, we invite you to contact Eagle Crusher to speak with a Team Eagle representative.

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