Maximizing Your Crushing Equipment Layout

There’s no time to waste when it comes to crushing your production output goals, so you want to make sure your crushing equipment layout is right for the job. That’s why we’re taking a closer look into the layout of your portable plant and rock crushing equipment to make sure you maximize your crushing equipment output while minimizing any redundant processing.

No matter the industry, there are generally two types of crushing equipment layouts that are installed for the job: an open circuit layout and a closed circuit layout.

Open Circuit Crushing System Layout

An open circuit crushing operation is distinguished by its multi-stage layout of screening and crushing equipment. Material flows through these plants without ever being returned back for additional processing, giving the workflow more of a smooth, assembly-line feeling.

As open circuit crushing equipment layouts often require numerous machines for processing material, it can sometimes require more of an investment to obtain equipment and a larger amount of space to install it on the job.

However, as open circuit layouts rarely return material for additional processing, they can be valuable in achieving maximum efficiency. This makes them a great option for high-capacity locations where the layout won’t need to be moved or reconfigured often.

Closed Circuit Crushing System Layout

In a closed circuit crushing operation, feed material like concrete, asphalt, or aggregates, can be crushed by an impact crusher and then returned back to that same crusher for further reduction, if necessary.

Closed circuit crushing equipment layouts, like most mobile or portable crushers, are comparatively compact and an affordable alternative to the more elaborate open circuit crushing equipment layouts.

Additionally, for certain types of abrasive material, it can be useful to utilize a return-feed system in order to effectively reduce the material being processed.

However, the redundant processing of materials in a closed circuit crushing equipment layout does make for a slightly slower and less-efficient crushing equipment layout compared to if you had an open circuit crushing equipment layout.

For that reason, closed circuit crushing equipment layouts are generally more suited to sites where you can gain that efficiency back with the equipment’s mobility and flexibility.

Which Crushing Equipment Layout is Right for You?

The employment of either of these two types of crushing equipment layouts can depend on different variables, including the composition of the material being processed, the amount of space available on a job site, or even the funds allotted for acquiring rock crushing equipment.

Eagle Crusher manufactures a comprehensive portfolio of both open circuit and closed circuit crushing equipment layouts, including multiple types of mobile concrete crushers and aggregate crusher types.

No matter the circumstances, Eagle Crusher has the equipment you need to make sure you are able to crush what needs to be crushed as efficiently as possible. If you have more questions or would like for more information on our products, contact us to speak with a Team Eagle representative.