Minimizing Fall Risks While Crushing

Minimizing fall risks while Crushing

Portable crushing and screening plants are relatively large machines that provide serious production capabilities. Due to their size, plant operators and other team members often require ladders and elevated walkways to navigate these powerful plants.

In elevated environments like these, fall risks do become a concern. Even while it may seem like a minimal safety hazard, it is best to be mindful and prepared to prevent falling and injuring yourself on the job.

Minimizing Fall Risks While Crushing

First, it is helpful to have a second team member present or within view whenever a team member is climbing up and walking on the portable plant. This ensures that if a fall happens to occur, no matter how serious the injury, the second team member is there to help.

For crushing plant operators and anyone else climbing up the portable plants, it is recommended to always follow best practice for ascending, descending, and moving along the elevated walkways. This includes making use of handrails and confirming all ladders are secure for use.

As inclement weather begins to arrive in many parts of the United States, and with so many portable crushing plants operating outside, it is vital to be extra cautious as rain, snow, and ice buildup occurs on the equipment. It is helpful to clear out these buildups and traverse the plants carefully during the winter season.

When certain components of the portable plant require maintenance or servicing beyond the elevated walkways, it is necessary to wear personal fall protection equipment like safety harnesses in order to safeguard against potential injury.

If a fall does occur during operations, no matter how serious it may seem, the incident should be reported, and the affected team member should be properly assessed for any short-term and long-term health issues to ensure their safety.

For more guidance on how to stay safe alongside portable crushing and screening plants on the job site, we invite you to contact our Eagle Crusher service department and speak with a Team Eagle representative.

This article does not serve as an official safety recommendation by Eagle Crusher and should not be viewed as such. All relevant staff should consult their owner’s manual before operating Eagle Crusher equipment, or any other manufacturer’s equipment, and comply with the safety guidelines therein.

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