Minimizing Spillage While Crushing and Conveying Material

Minimize Spillage while Crushing and Conveying

In the business of crushing materials like aggregate and demolition waste, maintaining the flow of this loose material through a crushing and conveying system is an important responsibility. Proper care must be taken to reduce issues like spillage, or the accumulation of excess material alongside components like conveyors.

Spillage is a common occurrence in the crushing industry and can present safety hazards for team members on the job—in addition to causing wear on crushing equipment and its components, ultimately increasing the risk of unnecessary downtime and unexpected costs.

Some of the safety hazards that spillage can present include falling debris, as spillage often occurs from improperly aligned or unsupported conveyor belts overhead. As the debris accumulates below the conveyors, it can also serve as a tripping hazard for unsuspecting team members.

There are a handful of variables that can be assessed and corrected in the effort to minimize spillage. For example, ensuring that conveyor belts are centrally aligned to avoid off-tracking is often the best way to prevent spillage. Material should travel along conveyors as centrally loaded as possible.

Also, regularly reviewing the condition of conveyor belts to affirm that they remain sag-free and properly supported is another effective approach to combating spillage. Conveyor belts should travel straight and steadily while transporting material.

Cleaning components like belt scrapers help to remove pesky excess material and dust as a mitigation of material buildup on conveyor belts. It is highly encouraged to routinely inspect your conveyor’s belt scrapers to ensure that they are effectively removing persistent debris.

As you likely can tell, the common thread through all of these recommendations for minimizing spillage is the regular maintenance and servicing of your crusher’s components—with special attention being paid to conveyor belts.

However, even with the most routinely maintained crushing equipment, small amounts of spillage can sometimes be unavoidable. In these instances, frequently clearing these areas of buildup and safeguarding your equipment and team members against debris should be a priority.

If you are facing persistent spillage on the job, Team Eagle is here to help. We invite you to contact an Eagle Crusher representative from our service department who can recommend helpful solutions for maintaining your equipment to keep your team up and crushing.

This article does not serve as an official safety recommendation by Eagle Crusher and should not be viewed as such. All relevant staff should consult their owner’s manual before operating Eagle Crusher equipment, or any other manufacturer’s equipment, and comply with the safety guidelines therein.

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