Now is the time to start planning for 2022 equipment needs

While there are still many months left in 2021, it’s time to begin considering your company’s crushing equipment needs for 2022. A multitude of factors have combined to make long-term planning for equipment needs a priority.

Construction activity has increased across the United States, creating an increased need for crushing and conveying equipment to supply the construction boom. With the pending infrastructure bill clearing the U.S. Senate, an even greater demand for equipment is on the horizon within the next year to build or rebuild our nation’s highways, bridges, energy grid, and more.

Second, as states and other projects are developing proposals, there is an increased demand for use of recycled materials like concrete, asphalt, and aggregate. Eagle Crusher equipment is designed with those materials in mind, giving you an edge in producing high-quality crushed concrete, asphalt, and aggregate to meet ever more stringent demands.

Finally, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, supply chains are becoming more complex. In the past it was possible to see crushers at factory or dealer facilities lined up and ready to rent or buy. Now with increased demand, equipment is frequently made-to-order, which gives your company the opportunity to design the plant to your exact needs but means that you must plan ahead.

Talking with a Team Eagle sales rep our distributor now will mean your company with have the crushing equipment in hand to meet your customer’s needs for spec material or be able to bid more efficiently on your next project. Talk with Team Eagle today to meet your needs tomorrow.

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