Optimizing Stockpiling on the Crushing Site

Striking the right balance between producing a quality aggregate product and maximizing operational efficiency is a familiar challenge on any crushing site. To achieve harmony, the right equipment needs to be set up and configured to account for any variables that could impact production.

This is especially true for stockpiling, where the conveyance, storage, and handling of finished aggregate product can affect its quality through issues like segregation, contamination, and degradation. Below are some recommendations to manage these types of stockpiling problems.

Optimizing Stockpiling on the Crushing Site

Segregation can occur when aggregate product is agitated to the point where fines begin to separate from coarser aggregate, affecting the uniformity of the product. This issue can be addressed by reducing conveyor speeds to prevent jostling and also by maintaining a small margin between the end of a conveyor and the stockpile below through the use of radial stackers.

Contamination can occur when stockpiles of two types of aggregate product grow in close proximity to one another and begin to mix together. This issue can be addressed through reliable site space management and supervision by producers.

Degradation can occur when equipment like loaders or trucks drive on top of the aggregate as it is being stockpiled, often for logistical or retrieval purposes. This issue can be addressed by monitoring any areas exposed to degradation and removing any affected product through reliable sampling.

Retrieval of aggregate product from stockpiles can also affect its quality as shifting the aggregate will impact its uniformity. For example, it is recommended for radial stockpiles that material is retrieved from the oldest end as fresh product is added to the other end.

It is important for producers to devise standard operating procedures that best address the problems that can arise from stockpiling and to train their team members so that everyone is educated and prepared for producing quality aggregate product.

For more information about optimizing stockpiling on the crushing site, we invite you to contact Eagle Crusher and speak with a Team Eagle representative.

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