Optimizing Your Jaw Crusher

Eagle Crusher Portable Jaw Crusher

Manufactured to crush the most abrasive rock, jaw crushers are popular among the industry for their power and durability. But even the most reliable crushing equipment is susceptible to production limitations if certain care is not taken.

How can portable jaw crusher plant operators and others ensure their jaw crusher is performing at its best, and how can they prevent unnecessary wear and tear that could result in costly downtime and repairs?

Optimizing Your Jaw Crusher

Despite their inherent power, jaw crushers still need to be properly matched up with the actual material they will be crushing—the jaw die profile can affect production. For example, a jaw with a deeper tooth profile, like one kind that Eagle Crusher manufactures, is particularly effective in reducing harder aggregate.

Just as well, it is important to utilize a jaw crusher with the capacity to handle the production rates that a specific crushing operation demands. Larger jaw crushers allow for larger discharge settings, allowing for increased volume.

That being said, it is valuable to train loaders to feed only appropriately sized material into the jaw crusher. If oversized material enters the jaw crusher, it could result in a jam where material flow becomes impeded and production is interrupted.

It important to pay particular note when feeding a jaw recycled concrete in slab form. The large pieces of concrete are sometimes shaped in a way that they do not tip into the jaw crusher from the feeder and instead cover the opening. This is known as a bridging condition and will cause a jam in the feeder.

If an operator loads an uncrushable object, like an errant piece of structural steel, into a jaw, the jaw will not have the power to crush or deform it. To prevent damage to the jaw frame or body itself, the jaw crusher’s toggle plates will break, allowing the uncrushable material to fall through; however, replacing the toggle plates and resetting the jaw crusher can consume time and money—it is better to avoid overfeeding from the start.

Alternatively, it may be beneficial to a crushing operation to invest in fitting the jaw crusher with a hydraulic toggle relief system, like the kind that Eagle Crusher manufactures, that can release the uncrushable material without breaking and return to operation in minutes, instead of hours or days.

No matter what, one of the best ways to optimize a jaw crusher is simply through regular maintenance. Issues like a worn jaw die can impact production in a bad way—by keeping a reliable service schedule and replacing parts as needed, the jaw crusher can do what it does best.

For more information on optimizing a jaw crusher or portable jaw crusher plant, we encourage you to contact our Eagle Crusher service department and speak with a Team Eagle representative who can provide helpful details.

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