Our Commitment to Customers: Eagle Crusher’s UltraMax Lifetime Rotor Warranty

Eagle Crusher Lifetime Rotor Warrantee

Eagle Crusher prides itself on the superior craftsmanship of the portable plants and crushing equipment that we have manufactured for generations.

Not only does Eagle Crusher produce our portable crushing plants in the United States, but we strive to provide the best impact crushers and after-market support available.

For this reason, Eagle Crusher is the only crusher manufacturer to provide a lifetime warranty on our UltraMax® rotors in North America.

Our Commitment to Customers: Eagle Crusher's UltraMax Lifetime Rotor Warranty

Our team certifies the highest quality of our solid steel, three-bar, sculptured UltraMax rotors. Stress-relieved, magnetic particle-tested, and dynamically balanced, the Eagle Crusher’s rotors are manufactured to be free of rotor failure by defects for the duration of their lives.

Eagle Crusher’s UltraMax lifetime rotor warranty guarantees the replacement of the rotor assembly should rotor failure occur during normal (i.e. non-abusive) use of the equipment.

To preserve the integrity of our UltraMax rotors and the benefit of the warranty, there are two general requirements of the owner:

• Periodic condition reports showing basic maintenance is being conducted on the rotor from the owner based upon time and amount of material being processed.

• Exclusive use of Eagle-approved replacement parts on the impactor and rotor.

Not only do we stand by our rotors, but we stand by the high quality of our genuine Eagle Crusher replacement and wear parts which are necessary to preserve the life of the rotor; the use of any third-party parts can pose a critical risk to UltraMax rotors, and thus terminates the warranty.

While it may be tempting to install third-party parts to save money in the short-term, use of these substandard replacement and wear parts can lead to unintentional damage to the rotor, resulting in more expensive, unexpected costs in the long-term.

At the end of the day, our commitment to you, the customer, is to be there for you when it counts the most. We offer the UltraMax lifetime rotor warranty because we believe in our equipment, and you should have the confidence to know that it will keep you up and crushing for years to come.

This article does not serve as the official terms and conditions of Eagle Crusher’s UltraMax lifetime rotor warranty and should not be viewed as such. For the complete terms and conditions of your UltraMax lifetime rotor warranty, please refer to your records from the original sale or contact an Eagle Crusher sales representative for the full details.

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