Planning 2022 bids or projects? Reach out now!

Planning 2022 bids or projects? Now is the time to secure your equipment.

Why start now?

With the recent passage of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, you might be planning on bidding of a federal, state, or local project. But leaving your crushing and screening equipment purchases until after you win the contract can mean little or no inventory available, especially when there is a deadline attached.

With the increase in construction and other projects, waiting until the last minute can mean higher prices, renting equipment when it’s not financially prudent, or being stuck with what is available, even if it isn’t suited to your needs.

Look no further!

Forecasting your crushing and screening equipment needs now means you can select what you expect you’ll need. And when you select Eagle Crusher equipment, you can rest easy knowing that with a few simple changes, you’ll be able to crush and screen a wide variety of materials, from recycled concrete, to asphalt, or aggregates.

2022 is forecasted to be a very busy year for a lot of industries, construction included. Reach out to Eagle Crusher or one of our authorized dealers today and start your equipment planning for your future projects today.