Preparing Your Portable Plant for Transport

Transporting your Crusher

Crushing equipment like portable impactor plants and portable screening plants are manufactured to be moved from job site to job site efficiently. Before moving these machines, it is important to prepare them properly and ensure that they are ready to be transported safely.

To begin, every portable plant model has different criteria that need addressed before being moved, as each plant has a variety of pieces and parts that make them unique.

Preparing Your Portable Plant for Transport

To determine which components need addressed, the portable plant owner’s manual will disclose which components need lowered, collapsed, or removed in order to meet the plant’s necessary height, width, and weight for travel.

In addition to addressing each of these unique components, there are also a handful of tasks to accomplish for any portable plant needing moved. For instance, it is vital to clear any loose materials, tools, and other equipment from the machine that could fall during transport and damage a vehicle or injure a team member.

Just as well, crusher components like feeders and screens should be secured as to eliminate movement from their springs. Conveyor belts should also be secured to avoid dragging on roadways or flapping in the wind.

Next, confirm brake lights and turn signals are properly functioning, and ensure the portable plant’s tires are inflated correctly and not damaged along with wheel bearings and their covers. Finally, check the brakes are operating correctly after connecting with the tow vehicle.

Before hitting the roadways, it is critical to refer to the owner’s manual for travel restrictions like maximum travel speeds on paved and unpaved roads as well as daylight and visibility requirements. This information can also often be found on a travel decal affixed near the portable plant’s kingpin.

It is also important to remember that many portable crushing and screening plants exceed weight, height, or length limits set by state, provincial, or federal departments of transportation. It is always the responsibility of the plant owner or contracted transportation company to ensure all proper permits are in hand prior to moving the plants on public roadways.

For more information about preparing portable plants for transport, feel free to contact our Eagle Crusher service department to speak with a Team Eagle representative, and we will be happy to speak with you.

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