Service Questions: When to Grease Your Generators & Tracking Belts

Service Questions with Billy & Louis: When to Grease Your Generators & Tracking Belts

Continuing the learning program of service technicians is not merely an option; it is the cornerstone of excellence in the rock crushing industry. In a world where downtime can make or break a job’s success, these dedicated professionals continually expand their knowledge to remain at the forefront of your success team. Their role extends far beyond routine maintenance, safety protocols, and emerging trends that drive efficiency and reliability in the industry. Embracing ongoing education is not just a commitment but a profound dedication to ensuring that you are equipped to address the challenges of today and the transformative possibilities of tomorrow. Today’s service questions feature Billy and Louis covering the topics of greasing your generators and tracking belts.

service questions with billy and louis: greasing your generator and tracking belts

When do I need to Grease My Generators?

grease generators

Service: When to grease your generators depends on the size of the motor and how much it runs. You should refer to the list of service hours and quantities in section 7 of the Eagle Crusher owner’s manual. In this 3-ring binder, you will find the information for all generators, electric motors, and more on your plant. For example, it might have the recommendation of adding more grease after either 3,500 hours or 10,000 hours of running.

Q: What type of grease should I use?

S: We usually recommend using Mobil Polyrex™ EM. This blue grease is recommended to help with the long-life lubrication of electric motor ball and roller bearings. However, it is important to read the owner’s manual and/or your lubrication decals for the recommended grease for the specific generator.

grease generator chart example

An example of a lubrication chart that you will find on your machine.

Q: What about my other electric motors?

S: You will have to check the tag on each motor for accurate information. Different sized motors and different manufacturers have different recommendations. At Eagle Crusher, we use motors that range from 5 horsepower to 800 horsepower, so each of them will have different requirements. Some motors do not even have a provision to grease them. Installing the incorrect type of grease other than Polyrex EM will likely void any electric motor or generator warranty that may still be remaining, so it is always better to reach out to Service before greasing!


Before greasing any generators, electric motors, or any other part of your crushing plant, it is important to practice proper safety procedures, including lock-out, tag-out. As well as any other items included in the operator’s manual or may be required by local, state, provincial, or federal regulations.


I am having trouble tracking my belts.

tracking belts

Service: Belts are going to track differently when they are empty compared to when they are loaded. Sometimes you can make up a slight difference with your take-ups. It is important to keep the belts even. The proper way to track a belt is to adjust your idlers.

Q: How do I adjust the idlers?

S: Let’s say we are looking at the discharge on your belt. If the belt is running off the head pulley to the left, then you would loosen your idlers and move the right side of idler downhill and the left side uphill. Do this to the top three idlers and it should walk belt back into position.

Q: What if my belt is running off on the tail pulley?

S: To get it back centered you would adjust the return idlers. If you place yourself under your unmoving belt facing the tail pulley, and the belt is running off to the right, you will loosen the return idler near the tail pulley and move the right side down and the left side up. This will help walk the belt back to the center.

Q: On my Eagle Crusher 1200 discharge belt I can’t keep the belt on the Bend Wheels.

S: You most likely have tightened your belt too much. Tightening the belt too much causes the belt to buckle in this area. Loosen both take-ups evenly until belt relaxes back down into position.

Please note: If you have an Eagle Crusher 1200-CC unit you must keep the Bend Wheels greased. Each one of them has a grease fitting on them and often gets neglected. Keeping them greased will help in keeping belt tracking and prolong the life of these vital parts of your crusher.


Prior to tracking any belts or greasing any idlers or bend wheels on the plant it is important to lock-out, tag-out the plant to ensure you remain safe while performing maintenance.


The journey of service technicians, and your commitment to lifelong learning, stands as a testament to the unyielding pursuit of excellence within the rock crushing industry. Our service technician’s dedication to staying updated with the latest advancements not only elevates their own skill sets but also ensures the seamless operation of your machinery and the safety of your personnel. As we celebrate their unwavering commitment to continuous improvement, let us remember that their ongoing knowledge is the bedrock upon which progress and innovation in the rock crushing industry is built.