How To Startup Your Crushing Equipment This Spring

How To Startup Your Eagle Crusher Crushing Equipment This Spring

Now that Spring is officially here, that means warmer temperatures to help with the startup of the plants that were inactive over the winter. Your service manuals and vendor books have more detailed information and some of the following information may not apply to your equipment. If you have more questions regarding your specific equipment, reach out to our supportive service team. Let’s get you crushing it by looking over some of the following parts of your plant prior to start up:

Feeder Drives

For periods of 30 days or longer, it is recommended that you remove the vents and add a corrosion inhibitor. Then install plugs where the vents were. To place feeder back in operation, remove plugs, re-install the vents, and run for 40 hours then change the oil.

Different types of feeder drives, such as Simplicity and Diester, may have different specific instructions. If you are not sure of the appropriate start-up procedures, refer to your service manuals, vendor books, or reach out for specific information on your plant.

Torque-Arm Speed Reducers

Once a month, rotate the input shaft. This will redistribute the weight of the gears and shaft and prevent brinelling of the bearings. For periods of 3 months or longer, it is recommended that you drain the oil, remove the vent and install a plug. Then replace the oil with a vapor phase corrosion inhibiting oil.

Electric Motors

All electric motors should be rotated every 30 days to redistribute the weight on the bearings to prevent them from brinelling.

Gasoline Powered Hydraulic Unit

If the unit is not to be run for 30 days, it is recommended that a fuel stabilizer be added to the fuel. Once the stabilizer is added, the engine should be run to ensure that treated fuel gets in the carburetor. For periods of 3 months or longer, it is recommended that you change the oil, remove the spark plug, pour a bit of oil into the cylinder and pull the start rope several times, then re-install the plug. Then pull rope slowly until resistance is felt; this will close the valves so moisture cannot enter the cylinder.

Diesel Engine

Each engine manufacturer (e.g. John Deere, CAT, etc.) has different procedures for their engine. See the engine manual shipped with the original purchase of the equipment for the proper procedure.

UltraMax® Impact Crusher

Once a month, rotate the rotor assembly. This will redistribute the weight on the bearings to prevent them from brinelling.


Now, it’s time to spring to your machine’s startup procedure.

If you have questions about other parts of your machine, reach out today. Our dealers and service representatives are ready to assist you to get you up and running appropriately. We are here to help you with your serious projects, because serious projects demand Eagle Crusher.