The Impact of Crushing in Construction & Demolition Recycling

Eagle Crusher Portable Impactor Plant 1200 25 CC

Construction and demolition projects alike can generate large amounts of unwanted or damaged material that might otherwise be regarded as trash. In the past, this excess would normally be deposited into landfills; however, since the inception of the construction and demolition recycling industry, businesses can collect most of this waste and recycle it to become useful materials once more.

Throughout its modern existence, the construction and demolition recycling industry has relied primarily on crushing equipment to accomplish its purpose, particularly portable crusher plants. By utilizing a portable impactor or portable jaw crusher plant, construction and demolition waste like concrete and asphalt can be processed through these machines for reuse in new projects.

For example, when concrete waste is generated from a construction or demolition project, it can be recycled and reused as gravel for new roads or even new concrete as long as contaminates like trash or wood are removed first. Concrete can also be processed and made into a product called riprap, large piles of concrete chunks that are used to protect vulnerable shorelines.

An effective crushing equipment choice for recycling concrete is any portable crusher plant that utilizes an impact crusher, like the 1200-25 CC featuring Eagle Crusher’s UltraMax® impactor. An impact crusher is especially useful in processing rebar, a common byproduct of concrete construction and demolition jobs. Just as well, the plant should be equipped with an inline or cross belt magnet to sort the rebar from the recycled concrete product.

Another common construction and demolition resource is reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP), usually collected from road-based projects where existing pavement is being torn up. Reclaimed asphalt is valuable as it can be reused to make new asphalt more efficiently than by using virgin asphalt materials. This is due to the preexisting presence of tar in the reclaimed asphalt which lends itself to a more rapid bonding process.

A useful crushing system for processing asphalt would be an impact crusher plant paired with a versatile screening plant, like Eagle Crusher’s MaxRap® system, a stationary crushing plant that is designed for precision screening capabilities. Reclaimed asphalt pavement can be screened and fed into the crusher or diverted directly into asphalt production.

In addition to the production of recycled material for reuse in future construction and demolition projects, the industry has made a significant impact on the reduction of waste entering landfills and dumps. As a result, air pollution as well as water and soil contamination are being mitigated as overall waste is reduced.

Alongside benefitting the environment, the construction and demolition recycling industry has invigorated our communities with the introduction of reusable concrete and asphalt materials, generating resources for the revitalization of essential infrastructure like roadways, bridges, buildings, and much more.

And at the end of the day, not only is the concrete and recycling industry beneficial for the communities that it impacts, but its existence greatly reduces construction and demolition project costs. Instead of paying for waste to be removed and dumped, businesses can often receive compensation for selling the concrete and asphalt resources to be recycled.

Offering high-production machines like the 1200-25 CC portable crushing plant, the MaxRap® System, the RipRap® portable scalping plant, and more, Eagle Crusher is proud to provide the construction and demolition recycling industry with a comprehensive line of modern crushing and screening equipment that make a positive impact on your business as well as the planet.

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