The Importance of Oil Management in Portable Crushing Plants

Oil Management in Portable Crushing Plants

Portable crushing plants and portable screening plants rely on a variety of constantly moving components that work in tandem to accomplish crushing materials like aggregate, concrete, and asphalt.

Proper oil and lubrication management helps these portable plants and their parts to continue operating smoothly. It is necessary to supervise and replenish oil levels and quality regularly to ensure production rates are not negatively impacted by oil issues.

The Importance of Oil Management in Portable Crushing Plants

If contaminated or worn-out oil is used in equipment like portable crushing plants and portable screening plants, the life span of parts, in particular, can be drastically affected.

This is a result of impurities like rock dust that can infiltrate and contaminate the portable plant’s oil supply. Instead of cleanly lubricating the plant’s essential components as intended, the contaminated oil can increase wear as the fine dust slowly sands down the plant’s parts.

The best method for maintaining proper oil levels and quality is by sticking to a reliable schedule. Eagle Crusher generally provides such a schedule with our portable plants and other crushing and screening equipment to customers.

For example, Eagle Crusher recommends checking the oil in a portable crushing plant’s diesel engine daily as well as changing the oil and filter every six weeks, depending on the engine brand. Other crushing components like vibrating feeders, screens, and motorized head pulleys, to name a few, require similar diligence in order to operate properly.

Depending on a portable plant’s location and specific production needs, oil level and lubrication requirements may vary due to environmental factors, hours run per day, etc. Portable crushing plant operators should consult their owner’s manuals before servicing their plant and other crushing equipment.

For additional information about oil and lubrication management or to request a copy of the service intervals info sheet, we encourage you to contact our Eagle Crusher service department to speak with a Team Eagle representative.

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