What Are Blow Bars and What Can They Do for You?

Eagle Crusher Blow Bars

Blow bars are thick slabs of metal, typically some mixture of chrome, that are cast for the purpose of effectively breaking apart material like asphalt, concrete, limestone, etc. Often in sets of 3 or 4, blow bars are inserted into an impact crusher’s rotor where they are able to strike material needing processed.

As an important component of horizontal shaft impact crushers, blow bars come into direct contact with material and provide a powerful impact force. HSI crushers and their blow bars are designed to fracture material quickly, resulting in high production rates and reduced costs-per-ton when compare to other types of crushers.

Many styles of blow bars exist, varying in size and metallurgy, which is determined by the type of material being crushed and the desired output. The range of metallurgies includes low chrome blow bars, medium chrome, high chrome, and also a hybrid alloy, each offering their own unique advantage when crushing materials.

What Are Blow Bars and What Can They Do for You?

The amount of chrome mixed into the design of a blow bar determines how well the part can withstand abrasive materials: the more chrome in a blow bar, like in high chrome bars, the more effective it can crush highly abrasive materials, like asphalt. Medium chrome blow bars are valuable for processing a variety of materials while low chrome bars can be useful for crushing aggregate and concrete.

On the other hand, the amount of chrome mixed into a blow bar can also determine how susceptible the blow bar is to fracturing. When crushing reclaimed materials that might include metal contaminates like rebar, high chrome blow bars are more likely to fracture. Meanwhile, low chrome bars are better at withstanding the impact of rebar and other metal contaminants.

As the rotor of a horizontal shaft impact crusher runs and material is fed into the crusher chamber, the material comes into contact with the rapidly spinning blow bars which strike them with a great force over and over. The repeatedly impacted material quickly fractures and reduces in size until it is the appropriate size to be released from the chamber.

Due to the repetitive crushing that blow bars endure, they will wear down over time. Their composition and how often they are used will determine how often they will need flipped or replaced. Stocking fresh blow bars so that material is being impacted by smooth, uniform edges will contribute to maintaining high production rates.

Developed by expert metallurgists and manufactured exclusively by Eagle Crusher, our genuine blow bars are designed to extend wear life, provide a perfect fit for your impactor, and increase production rates while decreasing costs-per-ton. Eagle Crusher blow bars are available in a variety of metallurgies to accommodate your unique crushing needs.

For complete Eagle Crusher genuine blow bar product specifications, please visit this page.

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