What Is a Cone Crusher and What Can It Do for You?

Eagle Raptor Cone Crusher

A cone crusher is one of many different types of crushers, like impact crushers, jaw crushers, and hammermills, that is used to process and reduce material like aggregates and construction and demolition waste.

The cone crusher distinguishes itself from these other crushers by how it operates in processing material. Similar to the jaw crusher, a cone crusher relies on compressive force to break apart the material flowing through it.

What Is a Cone Crusher and What Can It Do for You?

Characterized by its central conical crusher component known as the head, a cone crusher operates around a main shaft to which the head is attached that rotates eccentrically within its crushing chamber in order to achieve the proper compressive force required to reduce the material.

As material enters the feed opening around the conical head, it fills the space between the cone and crushing chamber. Because the cone rotates eccentrically, the material is gradually compressed against the inner walls of the chamber, eventually fracturing apart, and reducing in size.

Once the material is appropriately sized, it falls through the gap between the chamber walls and the bottom of the cone, discharging from the bottom of the crusher. The gap between the chamber walls and the bottom of the cone can often be set in order to precisely size the material being processed.

The advantage of relying on cone crushers for processing material is that they are capable of sizing harder or more abrasive materials than impact crushers when considering the lifespan of wear parts.

However, cone crushers are less able to handle steel contaminants and must be protected from them by use of a magnet or other sorting means before material can enter the crusher. For this reason, cone crushers are regarded as appropriate for secondary and tertiary crushing purposes. However, if steel contaminants do make it into a cone crusher, a relief system can be activated, opening up the crusher and allowing the uncrushable material to be passed through without causing damage to the crusher itself.

Eagle Crusher recently unveiled its own offering of Raptor® cone crushers at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020, North America’s largest construction trade show. Our team is currently offering the 250, 350, and 450 model Raptor® cone crushers for customers. If you are interested in a cone crusher, please contact a Team Eagle sales representative.

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