What Size Portable Plant Is Right for Your Crushing Job?

Many crushing operations are unique in the type of material they crush and the amount of material they crush. Because of this, their portable crushing plants and equipment are often arranged in a variety of configurations in order to meet the right balance of production.

Additionally, the size of portable crushing plants is an important factor in achieving this production balance. Manufacturers like Eagle Crusher offer a wide range of plant sizes, so what questions should be asked to determine which size will get the job done?

What Size Portable Plant Is Right for Your Crushing Job?

There are a handful of questions to consider when selecting the right size of portable crushing plant, the most crucial being how much material your business will be processing in a period of time, usually measured in tons per hour.

Obviously, a portable plant equipped with a larger impactor or jaw crusher will be able to process larger amounts of material more quickly than its smaller counterpart. For example, a small impactor may be able to process 100 tons of material per hour while a mid-size impactor can likely process two or three times that, depending on the application.

Another question to consider is how much your business is able to invest in portable plants and crushing equipment. Larger portable plants generally require a larger investment due to the amount of resources and labor it takes to manufacture them.

Fortunately, financial decisions can be made easier by Eagle Crusher that offers complete financing options to businesses looking to acquire portable plants and crushing equipment promptly and get production up and running.

Of course, one other question to consider is how much real estate your crushing operation is utilizing and where your portable plant fits in. A larger portable plant will take up more space, and it is valuable to coordinate configuration decisions ahead of selecting a plant size.

These are just a few questions that should be asked before choosing a portable crushing plant. For more information on selecting the right size and equipment, we encourage you to contact Eagle Crusher to speak with a Team Eagle representative.

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