Demolition Crushing and the Rise of Recycled Aggregate: Klumm Bros.

Demolition Crushing with Klumm Bros.

Klumm Bros., an Eagle Crusher customer, is a demolition and excavating company in northern Ohio. Headquartered in Holland, Ohio, near Toledo, the company services the northwest region of the state and beyond, ranging from Wood County in Ohio and as far as Monroe County in Michigan.

Doing business since 1989, Klumm Bros. currently operates with around 50 employees and a comprehensive lot of equipment, including dump trucks, roll-off trucks, excavators, and their UltraMax® 1400-45 CCS portable impactor plant as well as an UltraMax® 1200-25 CC portable impactor plant.

According to Bob Klumm, cofounder and president of Klumm Bros., the company relies on its Eagle crushing equipment extensively to facilitate the needs of their demolition and excavating operations—recycling concrete, asphalt, block, and brick. By utilizing screening systems, Klumm Bros. is able to produce #8’s, #6’s, 304’s, and 411’s, essentially circumventing the quarry from their operation with recycled products.

Demolition Crushing and the Rise of Recycled Aggregate: Klumm Bros.

Klumm Bros. is also able to serve as a recycle yard; in addition to their own trucks dropping off recyclable concrete, asphalt, block, and brick, outside contractors drop off their own demolition materials and then pick up recycled finished product that quarry competitors may not otherwise be able to supply.

Bob Klumm explains, “Each year, there seems to be a higher demand for recycled aggregate. There was a push by the quarries when concrete recycling first came into the picture where they tried to label it as a substandard product—but it was just to maintain their slice of the pie. Instead, as newer groups of engineers graduated college, who had been raised in an era of ‘reduce, reuse, recycle,’ they became much more receptive to the product than those from ten or fifteen years ago. There’s been a shift in mindset.”

Likewise, Klumm describes working with Eagle Crusher as a “top-shelf” experience. For Klumm Bros., parts availability and distribution was a major selling point in acquiring their Eagle crushing equipment, especially being located only an hour or two from Eagle’s manufacturing facility.

He continues, “The crushing machines themselves have exceeded our expectations every step of the way. The other upside to an Eagle is that it is recognized as a brand leader. If you go to an auction, the Eagle will retain a higher percentage of its purchase price than its competitors. You’re able to buy with a higher level of confidence knowing that, yes, there is in fact an exit strategy because they hold value.”

Klumm says, “On a contract project or on a demolition site, in a high demand for other crushing, we’ve rented other brands, and it becomes evident very quickly that they’re not the same. We’ve dabbled with several competitor machines, and they simply don’t fall in the same category as far as we’re concerned, with Eagle being far superior in terms of production and reliability. There’s no comparison.”

Eagle Crusher is proud to work alongside a customer like Klumm Bros. that services their communities by utilizing the UltraMax® 1400-45 CCS portable impactor plant and the UltraMax® 1200-25 CC portable impactor plant to recycle concrete and other demolition materials.

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