The Power of the Jaw Crusher

The Power of the Jaw Crusher

While there are many different types of crushers to accomplish a variety of tasks, they generally fall within two types, impact crushers and compression crushers. One of the most common compression crushers on the market today are jaw crushers. Used in a variety of applications, such as, but not limited to, demolition, recycling,  and mining, the jaw crusher is designed for the toughest of the toughest material.


How Jaw Crushers Work

Although you might already know how a jaw crusher works, it’s important to draw to light some of its unique properties. Designed for large feeds and generating less wear from abrasive material, the composition of a jaw crusher consists of two jaw plates, one fixed and the other moving. The two plates, either smooth or corrugated, are set in a V-shaped chamber for materials to fall through and become crushed. As the material falls through the camber, it becomes smaller and smaller with the final output being determined by its preset crushing size.

Although the Jaw crusher is built to withstand some of the toughest materials, sometimes the material can cause issues – that’s why the Jaw crushers usually are fitted with a device meant to protect the crusher from damage, called toggle plates.


What Are Toggle Plates?

If any material enters a jaw crusher that cannot be crushed, whether due to its size or composition, the toggle plate is meant to break, relaxing the moving jaw open to allow for the uncrushable material to fall through or be removed manually. These toggle plates are expected to break under a certain amount of pressure, which requires them to be replaced. The purpose of the toggle plat is to break prior to the pressure caused by the uncrushable causing damage to the jaw crusher itself.

Replacing the toggle plates takes time, and depending on the availability of spare parts, could cost you days of production time. To combat the time and money spent on toggle plates, Eagle Crusher has developed a new system that cuts that time and money by more than half!


The Jaw Crusher at Work for You

Eagle Crusher has a wide range of jaw crushers and plants to fit any need you may have. From our smallest 10×36 jaw crusher, up to our massive 32×60 jaw crusher and many more in between.

Eagle Crusher ConExpo 3260 Jaw Crusher

Nothing says power like the Eagle Crusher jaw crushers that are engineered to meet the needs of your toughest crushing applications for the best value on the market. Reach out to a Team Eagle member today to find out more about the power of our jaw crushers.