Third-Party Parts: A Risk Not Worth Taking

Third-Party Parts: A Risk Not Worth Taking

After investing a lot of capital into the purchase of new crushing and screening equipment from Eagle Crusher, it might be tempting to consider looking elsewhere for parts. Who knows, maybe a supplier you found online says they have parts that will fit. Maybe they claim their parts are just as good. Maybe they’re a couple dollars cheaper. But is it really going to be a good deal?

Buy from Eagle Crusher or your authorized dealer to insure the best quality

Our team certifies the highest quality of our products and offer warranties on our parts. We stand by the high quality of our genuine Eagle Crusher replacement and wear parts which are necessary to preserve the life of the equipment. The use of third-party parts can pose a critical risk to Eagle Crusher equipment, thus affect the warranty and resulting in a large repair bill should damage occur.

When you purchase from a third-party parts company, you can’t guarantee that the parts will fit your equipment, or even that the metallurgy is right for your application. When you purchase your parts from Eagle Crusher or an authorized distributor, you can rest easy knowing that the parts will fit your plant and are designed with your crushing application in mind.

Keeping your preowned equipment running its best with Eagle Crusher parts

Even if you’ve purchased an Eagle Crusher plant preowned, it doesn’t mean you can’t consider the benefits of genuine Eagle Crusher parts. When you utilize genuine parts, it can help ensure your plant continues to run its best, increasing material output as well as increasing the lifespan of the plant. Trust that Eagle Crusher will only supply you with the highest quality and will stand behind our parts and equipment in case something occurs.

Eagle Crusher has been manufacturing crushing and screening equipment for more than 100 years. We have and continue to stand by the equipment we’ve manufactured and work to ensure our customers stay up and crushing.

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Eagle Crusher consistently leads the industry in new product innovations. We stand by our products with unsurpassed service and support to make your job easier.

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