Why Choose Eagle Crusher?

why choose eagle crusher

Why choose Eagle Crusher?

Let’s face it, heavy equipment like rock crushers can be expensive, so a lot of time is likely to be spent on researching  equipment as well as the companies that manufacture them before you put the ink to paper. At Eagle Crusher, we understand that this is no easy choice, so we’re here to help by answering common questions.

Why Eagle Crusher?

At Eagle Crusher, we treat you like family. Eagle Crusher started as a family business with a rich heritage going back more than 100 years. Eagle is still a family-owned business today, operating from that same rich heritage. A heritage that puts customers first, and treats you like you’re one of the family, with unsurpassed service and support, long after the sale, to make your job easier and your business more profitable.

What equipment does Eagle Crusher have to offer?

We have a full line of crushing and screening plants and systems designed for the most challenging applications like processing concrete with the toughest, high-volume steel rebar, with ease or crushing the most abrasive hard rock without equipment fatigue. Tough enough to work for these applications, powerful enough to work for you, no matter what you’re crushing.


What can Eagle Crusher do to meet specific customer needs?

Eagle Crusher knows the demands you face every day on the job site. That’s why we consistently lead the industry in new product innovations. For example, we listened to our customers’ demands for the RapiDeploy® 500 and created the recently announced the RapiDeploy® 1000. The larger plant is designed to handle more material with ease without sacrificing productivity or portability.


Does Eagle Crusher have financing options?

You won’t find more expert purchasing advice or better financing programs than with our Eagle Crusher financing team. Same-day quotes. Up to 100% financing with qualified credit. Flexible payment options. Competitive terms and conditions.


What if I want to talk to a representative in person and see some equipment for yourself?

Eagle Crushers sales team, along with our dealers are always ready and willing to talk to you to determine what is the best equipment for your needs. Eagle Crusher also participates in trade shows across the United States. There are several opportunities to meet with our team and see the equipment in later February and all of March 2022.


We want to include you in our growing family, so we are here to answer any more questions you might have. Our team members will be happy to connect with you to help with the search to find the exact fit for your needs. Reach out today.