Crushing in the Heat and Staying Safe

Crushing in the Heat

An effective crushing operation is only as good as its team members. With plant operators and other team members working outdoors, they are exposed to certain elements that can affect their health and safety.

As the summer months drag on, temperatures around the country are reaching their peaks. During this time, it is important to practice important safety habits when it comes to combatting the heat on the job.

Crushing in the Heat and Staying Safe

First, it is important to dress in clothing that serves as protection between you and the sun. In addition to your PPE, it can be useful to wear long sleeves as well as something to cover the back of your neck.

Additionally, applying sunscreen or sunblock is not only helpful in protecting against sunburns, but wearing these applications daily while you’re crushing outdoors can go far in terms of preserving your long-term health.

Of course, staying hydrated is key to maintaining a safe work environment in high temperatures. By having access to water and drinking regularly throughout the day, you can prevent against exhaustion or even heat stroke.

In addition to wearing clothing that protects the skin, portable plant operators may often erect umbrellas or other types of canopies that provide some welcome shade. These protective barriers will help to keep you cool while you crush.

On especially hot days, it may be valuable to take more regular breaks in order to escape from the heat and rejuvenate briefly. Spending long amounts of time outdoors in the sun can leave team members vulnerable to heat exhaustion.

Throughout the day, it can be helpful to check in with other team members to confirm that they are not suffering any ill effects from the heat. Keeping an eye out for one another can go a long way in practicing safe habits.

Finally, it is important to remain vigilant and be mindful. If you happen to notice any symptoms of heat exhaustion or heat stroke, you should act quickly to resolve the issue by hydrating and seeking out a cooler area. In an emergency situation, it is critical to respond swiftly.

By practicing these high heat safety habits, you and your team will be able to focus on doing what they do best and stay up and crushing. For more safety recommendations, feel free to contact Team Eagle and we would be happy to help you.

This article does not serve as an official safety recommendation by Eagle Crusher and should not be viewed as such. All relevant staff should consult their owner’s manual before operating Eagle Crusher equipment, or any other manufacturer’s equipment, and comply with the safety guidelines therein.

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