Unraveling Time’s Tapestry: Eagle Crusher’s Oldest Running 1400 Plant 

Unraveling Time’s Tapestry: Eagle Crusher’s Oldest Running 1400 Plant 

The first machine built by Eagle Crusher in the 1400 series, has silently witnessed the evolution of our company, the transformation of industries, and the triumphs and tribulations of several owners. While newer machinery may have replaced its original design, this 1400 continues to crush along, fulfilling its duties with unwavering loyalty. As we trace the lineage of this respected machine, we are transported through the various projects and tribulations this machine has powered through. 

Starting Its Journey 

This machine was the very first 1400 recycling plant that Eagle Crusher built. It was equipped with one of the Bohringer RC-14 recycling impact crushers that Eagle used prior to creating their own horizontal impact crushers in 1994. It was first purchased by a contractor out of Middletown, Ohio and sent to its first job site at the Wright Patterson Air Base in Dayton, Ohio on October 15th, 1985. 

Once the job was completed at the Wright Patterson Air Base, it was bought by Contract Crushing & Screening based out of Willoughby, Ohio. In 1998, John Gregory saw a demand for recycling concrete and asphalt and bought the crusher from Contract Crushing & Screening. 


Gregory Trucking, INC 

Father and Son Duo, John (right) and Cole (left) Gregory


Gregory Trucking, Inc is a professional residential and commercial trucking and construction service based out of Elyria, Ohio. When asked about his start in the industry, John said “I started with one ’63 Chevy single axle [and would haul] little loads of stone and dirt to residents.” Once the business started growing, he bought a small loader and a bigger truck so that John could make commercial deliveries. As he grew, so did his inventory until he had more trucks and excavating equipment. Now with a full inventory, and a name in the industry, John saw a need for recycling concrete and asphalt. Not only was recycling cost effective, but it also saved space in landfills, making it environmentally friendly. With an achievable goal in mind, John Gregory trusted Contract Crushing & Screening and bought the Eagle Crusher machine from him.  

When John bought the machine, they replaced the old Bohringer RC-14 recycling impact crusher with the newly designed Eagle Crusher Ultramax® Impactor. Other than the typical replacements of wear plates and blow bars, the machine has been up and crushing it since the day John bought it. “[It] has been a very reliable machine over the past 25 years [and] easy to maintain with Eagle’s help… The plant is still going strong.” At Gregory Trucking, they create multiple types of materials from the crushed concrete, which meet ODOT specs for use in state projects. For more information on Gregory Trucking, you can visit their website. 


Building Reliable Machines for Any Job 

For Eagle Crusher, the significance of building dependable rock crushing equipment cannot be overstated. Dependable equipment ensures consistent and precise machinery functionality. By enhancing the durability and performance of our machines, we pave the way for sustainable economic growth, long-term machine usage minimizing operation costs, safer operations, and a more responsible utilization of our natural resources, underscoring the pivotal role of reliable rock crushing machines. For more information on our machines, reach out to a Team Eagle representative today.