Everything You Need to Know About Eagle Crusher’s UltraMax 400-CV

Ultramax 400 04 CV

The hallmark of crushing equipment like portable impactor plants is the capability to be moved from job to job efficiently all the while generating a quality product at high levels of production.

One of Eagle Crusher’s most portable and compact plants is the UltraMax® 400-CV. The Eagle Crusher UltraMax 400-CV is a highly portable impactor plant and one of the most durable, reliable, and versatile portable plants for your smaller-sized jobs.

Everything You Need to Know About Eagle Crusher's UltraMax 400-CV

The UltraMax 400-CV can be transported with ease, as simple as hooking up the tractor and hauling without any additional or specialized trailers necessary. In addition, this portable plant can also be easily moved around the job site with an optional dolly kit with pintle hitch.

Not only is the UltraMax 400-CV portable, but it is powerful. In fact, this portable impactor plant outperforms similar-sized track units both in terms of production quantity and quality of the final product.

A primary feature of the UltraMax 400-CV that empowers the portable plant to achieve high-quality product efficiently is its unique, one-step grizzly deck that removes fines from the flow of material before it reaches the impactor.

Additionally, the Eagle Crusher UltraMax 400-CV portable impactor plant features a standard grizzly bypass chute and available cross belt conveyor with flop gate to allow for either removal of the material that passes through the grizzly deck for stockpiling or blending back with the crushed material.

One other component that the UltraMax 400-CV portable plant features is an optional electromagnet that is available as a cross belt or inline installation that can remained attached for transport.

As one of Eagle Crusher’s more compact portable impactor plants, the UltraMax 400-CV is a suitable choice of crushing equipment for smaller-sized jobs that rely on an easily transportable plant that still offers high levels of production.

Additional features of the UltraMax 400-CV include:

• A hydraulic lift and leveling system that enables quick setup and teardown by utilizing hydraulic run-on legs

• Totally self-contained, reliable diesel / electric or all-electric power. You won’t have to worry about hydraulic leaks and failures shutting your operations down

• An included removable electrical control panel that features pre-wired receptacles for radial stacker

• Feeder speed management for complete control of the flow of material into the impactor with the Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

• An included wireless remote control for the feeder shutdown and all motor stop

• The industry’s only lifetime rotor warranty (North America only) on its solid-steel, three-bar, sculptured rotor—the industry’s heaviest—to keep you up and crushing

For complete product specifications of the UltraMax 400-CV, please contact a Team Eagle sales representative.

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