How Inline & Cross Belt Magnets Can Add Value to Your Crushing

Inline Magnet

Concrete recycling is on the rise, as construction and demolition waste is increasingly being diverted from landfills and being crushed and reused for new projects. Consequently, having the ability to efficiently sort through concrete rubble for rebar and other metal contaminates is necessary in order to generate a clean and useful final product.

Installed along the conveyors of a portable plant, the inline or cross belt magnet is a valuable crusher component for separating rebar and other metal contaminates quickly and automatically from the concrete being crushed and recycled. Beyond helping to generate a cleaner final product, inline and cross belt magnets are able to reduce unnecessary expenses in several ways.

How Inline & Cross Belt Magnets Can Add Value to Your Crushing

These electromagnets are designed and manufactured to collect and dispose of rebar and other metal contaminates buried within high volumes of reclaimed concrete material. An inline or cross belt magnet can be configured to attract and release these metals into a dumpster or other container for expedited accumulation and resale purposes.

The difference between an inline magnet and a cross belt magnet is that an inline magnet attracts rebar parallel with the conveyor it is sorting and releases the metal contaminates at the end of the conveyor. A cross belt magnet is configured perpendicular to the conveyor that it sorts so to attract and release metal from the side of a crusher machine.

The usefulness of each electromagnet depends on each unique operation. If a crusher is conveying heavy volumes of reclaimed concrete or is conveying material more quickly, it may be more practical to install an inline magnet. However, it may also be more practical to install a cross belt magnet in order to best fit the optimal layout of the crushing site and equipment.

Eagle Crusher offers both inline and cross belt magnet options. To learn more about which electromagnet option may best suit your operation’s needs, contact our service team. To order an inline or cross belt magnet for installation, contact our parts department.

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