Jaw Crusher Toggle Plates vs. Hydraulic Toggle Relief Systems

Jaw Crusher Hydraulic Toggle Relief System

Jaw crushers are immensely powerful machines, able to process and reduce aggregate and demolition material efficiently. Despite their powerful nature, they are not immune from damage and generally require a safety device called a toggle plate to protect them.

What is a toggle plate? In a machine like the jaw crusher, toggle plates are a valuable component that essentially serve as a safety joint and fuse that is attached to the moving jaw.

A toggle plate basically operates like a fuse. If any material enters a jaw crusher that cannot be crushed, whether due to its size or composition, the toggle plate is meant to break, relaxing the moving jaw open to allow for the uncrushable material to fall through or be removed manually.

Single-Use Jaw Crusher Toggle Plates vs. Hydraulic Toggle Relief Systems

Traditionally, jaw crusher toggle plates are made of metal machined or cast in a way that they are expected to fracture or bend at a certain pressure, indicating something too hard is in the crushing chamber.

However, for many jaw crusher owners and operators, spending time to remove broken toggle plates, spending money to replace them, and spending even more time to reinstall them incurs a substantial cost.

A modern solution to this problem has been the hydraulic toggle relief system that was conceived to replace the single-use toggle plates.

Instead of the toggle self-destructing when an uncrushable material enters the jaw crusher, a hydraulic relief system simply relies on its hydraulic technology to relax automatically, allowing the material to pass through or be removed, and then to reset.

The hydraulic toggle relief system was engineered to serve as a sustainable alternative to its consumable equivalent, eliminating the need to replace fractured toggles. However, traditional hydraulic toggle or relief systems require extremely high pressures in the system to achieve the necessary forces required to hold the jaw in place for crushing.

Earlier in March, Eagle Crusher unveiled its own hydraulic toggle relief system at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020, North America’s largest construction trade show.

The Eagle Crusher hydraulic toggle relief system is available to be equipped onto any Eagle Crusher jaw crushers and will reduce unexpected downtime, decrease unnecessary replacement costs, and keep you up and running.

The unique, patent-pending system differentiates itself from other hydraulic systems as it utilizes much lower hydraulic pressures to hold the toggle in place, increasing durability and reducing risk of system failure.

For complete Eagle Crusher hydraulic toggle relief system product specifications, please contact a Team Eagle sales representative.

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