Keeping Your Conveyor Belt on Track


Conveyors are a critical piece of equipment on many construction, demolition and mining sites. They may not be as flashy as a brand new loader or shiny truck, but without them, material doesn’t flow. And when materials aren’t moving, money isn’t being made. While a conveyor’s simple design usually means they will be reliable, sometimes things go wrong. This is an issue that everyone deals with at one time or another. Here are a few ideas to get your conveyor back on track.

• Check the head pulley and inspect the lagging and clean off any dirt build up on the pulley.

• Check the tail pulley and inspect for any damage and clean off any dirt build up on the pulley

• Look at the skirt boards and chutes for holes or worn areas for any material leaks and repair. Also inspect the skirt rubbers and adjust or replace as necessary.

• Check the troughing and return rollers. Clean all rollers that are built up with dirt. Replace rollers that will not turn or are worn out. Replace any troughing frames and return brackets that are bent or worn.

Remember this is just a general inspection list for a conveyor. Most of the times this will help get your conveyor belt back on track again. If not you could have more underlying issues that will need looked into. For example there may be damage to the conveyor frame or the belt splice may not be square.

Always remember to think about safety whenever you’re doing any repairs to your equipment.

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