Maintaining the Hopper Feeder and Grizzly Deck of a Portable Crushing Plant

In the crushing business, abrasive materials like aggregate, concrete, and asphalt can wear away at vital components across the production line. While these components are manufactured to withstand steady wear, they will require upkeep.

As the entry point for the flow of these materials, hoppers and feeders, like a vibrating grizzly feeder, receive their fair share of wear over time. It is important to combat this wear with a reliable maintenance and servicing process.

Maintaining the Hopper Feeder and Grizzly Deck of a Portable Crushing Plant

Daily inspections at the start and end of the day can go a long way in increasing the longevity of a hopper feeder and grizzly deck. For example, inspecting the feeder liners for deformations that can affect production is especially beneficial.

Worn liners need to be replaced in order to protect vulnerable hopper feeder components. One way to slow the rate of liner wear is to ensure a portable crushing plant is level to prevent uneven wear. It can also be helpful to manage the size and rate of material being fed into the hopper feeder.

Grizzly deck bars serve to separate larger material from fines and receive regular wear. Over time, the grizzly bars can wear down and must be repaired or replaced in order to maintain proficient scalping or screening capabilities.

Likewise, it is recommended that any material caught between grizzly bars are cleared daily in order to prevent further wear. Clearing material wedged between grizzly bars can also aid in optimizing production.

Furthermore, the drive motors for equipment like hoppers or feeders and grizzly decks should be appropriately lubricated, and oil levels should be properly managed. Tasks like examining springs and prescreens should also be included on maintenance plans.

Of course, prior to any maintenance on the hoppers or feeder, it is important to properly shut down all equipment that may power of feed the hopper or feeder, which may include lockout-tagout procedures as defined in the equipment owner’s manual, in accordance with any federal, state, or local safety regulations.

For more information about maintaining the hopper feeder and grizzly deck of a portable crushing plant, we encourage you to contact Eagle Crusher and speak with a Team Eagle representative.

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