Planning a Portable Plant Maintenance Schedule and Sticking to It

Planning a Portable Plant Maintenance Schedule

High production rates rely on the total efficiency of a crushing operation. Running equipment with minimal downtime while reducing materials like aggregate, concrete, and asphalt is critical to the operation’s financial success.

As it follows, avoiding unwanted downtime by preventing interruptions to production should be a major priority for any portable plant operation team. One of the best ways to mitigate downtime is by developing a reliable service and maintenance schedule.

Planning a Portable Plant Maintenance Schedule and Sticking to It

From daily tasks to annual tasks, looking out for the wellbeing of your portable crusher plant is crucial to its efficiency. Even standard walkarounds for inspections can go a long way in identifying excessive wear and tear of parts.

More rigorous inspections should also be scheduled onto a maintenance calendar to better assess major portable plant components for issues, like its impactor, conveyors, and screening systems. These are important machines that demand detailed evaluations.

Additionally, schedule routine tasks like monthly oil level management and lubrication to ensure crusher components run smoothly. Plan for clearing dirt and material accumulation along key equipment like conveyors to safeguard against unnecessary damage over time.

A degradation in quality of a portable plant’s smaller parts like impactor linings and blow bars can also result in a serious loss of efficiency. It would be best to include replacement plans for components like these in order to maintain optimal production rates.

Even general maintenance that may seem as inconsequential as clearing work areas of clutter and keeping operation platforms and walkways free from safety hazards will benefit operations. It can be valuable to be as comprehensive with your maintenance schedule as possible.

For more information about planning a portable plant service and maintenance schedule for your crushing operation, we encourage you to contact our service department and speak with a Team Eagle representative.

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