Powerful Portable Crushing Plants for C&D Recycling

Recycling materials like concrete and asphalt collected from construction and demolition waste through the use of crushing equipment like portable plants is an industry that has seen tremendous success for its positive environmental impact and cost-saving results.

Eagle Crusher manufactures a comprehensive line of portable plants and crushing equipment that are engineered to be especially effective for C&D recycling, including the Eagle 3260 Jaw Crusher, the UltraMax 1200-CC, the RapiDeploy, and the UltraMax 1400-CCS.

Powerful Portable Crushing Plants for C&D Recycling

The Eagle 3260 Jaw Crusher features Eagle Crusher’s largest recycling jaw, equipping producers with one of the most powerful crushers on the market. Designed to crush reinforced concrete slab with ease, the Eagle 3260 Jaw Crusher significantly reduces the time needed to prepare material for processing.

The UltraMax 1200-CC is one of Eagle Crusher’s star portable plants and an excellent choice for C&D recycling. Featuring powerful crushing and screening on a single chassis for easy transportation, the UltraMax 1200-CC can replace multi-unit systems for a much lower investment while maintaining a high production of cubical spec product.

The RapiDeploy is another great portable plant for smaller-sized C&D recycling jobs. Set on a single chassis and engineered for particularly convenient transportation, it is the industry’s only portable plant with built-in, retractable conveyors that can crush, screen, separate, and stockpile—all in one pull.

The UltraMax 1400-CCS is an option for higher volume C&D recycling jobs, capable of processing larger feed material as well. Featuring a multi-chassis design, the UltraMax 1400-CCS is one of Eagle Crusher’s most versatile systems, utilizing a portable impactor plant and screening plant separately or combined to produce numerous spec products.

Of course, many C&D recycling projects are entirely unique and require specific crushing and screening equipment for the job, and Eagle Crusher is able to provide that equipment, offering a wide range of portable crushing plants and screen plants to producers.

For more information about portable plants and crushing equipment engineered for C&D recycling, we encourage you to contact Eagle Crusher to speak with a Team Eagle representative.

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