Properly Leveling Your Portable Plant

Leveling your Portable Impactor Plant

One of the primary advantages of owning or renting a portable crusher plant is its ability to be installed from one site to another as needed. And as project sites change, so too does the terrain on which the portable plant operates.

Properly leveling a portable plant for operation is a critical step toward not only optimizing your rate of production but also minimizing wear on equipment parts. So, it follows that adequate care should be taken when selecting a site for installation and preparing the plant for crushing.

Properly Leveling Your Portable Plant

First, a portable plant should always be installed on solid, level ground to ensure for proper leveling and operation. It can be counterproductive to set up the unit on mounds of freshly packed dirt as the fresh dirt will settle during operation, resulting in uneven leveling of the portable plant.

Next, in order to provide clearance under the plant for conveyors and stackers, the plant must be elevated by placing hardwood or concrete blocking under each of its legs, through a process called cribbing. The plant is raised to rest its weight on the cribbing materials so that additional blocking can be stacked beneath its hydraulic legs, and then the plant can be raised to an optimal height, allowing for leveling to begin.

Here, proper leveling is achieved through careful measurements of the plant’s elevation and adjusting the hydraulic legs accordingly. It is preferred that extra care be taken during this process to shim the feet of the hydraulic legs so that they can sit securely on the lock pins provided as opposed to leaving them sit on the hydraulic oil, which can cause undue stress on the machine.

When leveling a portable plant with a feeder or a screen, it is recommended that the level tool is placed on these physical components so that they are confirmed to be level. If the feeders and screens operate while uneven, oil can accumulate more on one side than the other, resulting in oil leaks and refusing critical bearings and moving parts on the high side adequate lubricant.

Ultimately, it is more important for a portable plant to be leveled side to side rather than front to back, although both can affect its operation. For optimal performance, it is recommended that feeders and screens operate within 1/8-inch of perfect level side-to-side.

For complete details on preparing your portable plant for cribbing, raising the plant, and leveling, it is recommended to refer to your owner’s manual. If you have additional questions about this process, we welcome you to contact us to speak with a Team Eagle representative.

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